Fashion for Different Seasons

Fashion for Different Seasons


As the seasons change it is essential to adapt your style accordingly, while remaining fashionable and fabulous. Below are some top tips for the oncoming months:

Autumn/Winter 2010

The weather may be dull and dreary outside, but this doesn’t mean your style has to suffer. There are plenty of gorgeous ladies winter styles out there to keep the blues at bay, and leave you feeling wonderful this season. Winter 2010 fashion is very much focused on the military and aviator look. I could not emphasise enough how trendy aviator jackets are going to be over the season, especially those in darker colours, such as military green. Another colour to look out for this season is camel, with a tailored camel suit being right on trend. Cropped shorts are still in fashion this fall, with the look being topped off nicely with knee high socks, or brightly coloured tights. Woollen jumpers are a wardrobe must-have, and cropped jumpers can give your look a sexy overhaul. Shirts buttoned up to the neckline are a great look this season, as is anything lacy. Thigh high boots have been seen in almost every designers collection this season, so are definitely the essential footwear to be wearing over the autumn/winter months. There are plenty of options for footwear for this season, including biker boots and we also see clogs make a welcome return.

Spring/Summer 2011

The sun is shining and it’s the season to look out those sexy dresses. Femininity is essential for the summer; maxi dresses, floral prints and light fabrics all help to create a wonderful, crisp look for the season. Maxi dresses will be available in many more fabrics, including sheer and lacy, over the summer months. If you want to be on top of the trends this summer, then make sure you have plenty of white clothing in your wardrobe, as this is a must-have for 2011. If you think lingerie is for wearing underneath your clothing, then think again, as this season we will see lots of sexy lingerie looking outwear. The trend for lace also follows on from the winter women’s fashion trends, and becomes hot during this season too. It’s time to ditch those blacks and greys, as bright, bright and… well, more bright is the general rule for colours over the summer months. Almost every foreseeable colour is fashionable, so don’t be afraid to be adventurous with your wardrobe this season. Shoes with huge heels (the big, the better) will still be in fashionable over the spring/summer months, and wedged heels will also be bang on trend this season. Shoes with bows are also a good investment, as bows are an essential design over the oncoming months. Clogs, however, will become the essential footwear item for this season. Following from autumn and winter, clogs over the summer will come in a variety of funky styles and designs.



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