Kill Head Lice With Tea Tree Oil

Kill Head Lice With Tea Tree Oil


If your child seems to be scratching their head more than usual or an unexplained rash has appeared on their neck it could mean the child has a case of pediculosis, which means an infestation of lice. For most people that can be a nightmare. The child may even begin to have large red bumps or sores on his or her neck or scalp. These bumps likely even hurt and itch, these are the spots where the lice feed off of their blood. Lice may even spread diseases. If a child has lice it is likely that they will soon spread the infestation to you, the rest of the family, their friends, their classmates, and many other people they may come in close contact with.

Luckily there are many easy solutions that can be used to remove this infestation. One of these solutions is to use tea tree oil on their head lice. Many other methods include pesticides, commercial shampoos, lotions, and delousing combs. There are countless products designed specifically to kill head lice. Of course, prevention is considered the best cure, but we can’t make our children avoid all of the countless people they come across at school. If your child does pick up lice at school, you should contact the school immediately so the other infested children can be helped.

A great start for removing head lice is to use tea tree oil. It may be hard to locate a bottle of this, unless you randomly have a bottle on hand, but it will be great once you have it. It is likely that if your child has lice they will get it again in the coming weeks.

Tea tree oil is a natural fungicide which comes from Australia. The native Aboriginal people have used tea tree leaves for various different medicinal purposes such as curing headaches. Luckily this oil also is quite effective at killing head lice.



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