Drugs Courier Or Double Agent?

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Drugs Courier Or Double Agent?


Kwame Mainu knew the little lady, Auntie Rose, as a former courier carrying drugs from Accra to London who avoided a prison sentence by becoming an agent for the British customs. On a visit to Kumasi in 1995, he was surprised to find Auntie Rose staying with his estranged wife, Comfort. Kwame had a chance to ask Comfort about the sale of hard drugs in Kumasi as well as about the little lady’s role in helping to prevent it.

Auntie Rose slid down from her chair and said she would leave Kwame and Comfort to discuss their private business. Kwame had told Auntie Rose everything he knew but he was sure that she had not fully reciprocated. He felt that it had not been a fair exchange. As usual, he had been outwitted by a lady. Nevertheless, he welcomed the opportunity of a one-to-one chat with Comfort. ‘So you’ve joined us in helping the abrofo,’ he joked.

‘I’m doing it for my people.’

‘Do you see they are in danger?’

‘Yes I do. Many of them used to take wee but it didn’t seem to harm them, at least not permanently. Now they are beginning to take the hard drugs and the effects are very bad.’

‘Who’s selling the drugs in Ghana?’

‘I’m not sure, but Uncle George and Mama Kate didn’t sell them here. It must be some new people.’

‘The Lebanese?’

‘I’m not sure.’

Kwame remembered Comfort telling him about the Lebanese parties she used to attend in her teens. These celebrations of wine, women and song were just the sort of venues for introducing drugs. ‘Those parties you used to go to;’ he said, ‘did they give you drugs?’

‘There were a few people taking wee, and a lot of heavy drinking, but no hard drugs.’

‘Do you think they use hard drugs these days?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘If they are selling drugs in Ghana, wouldn’t they also use them at their parties?’


‘Could you find out?’

‘Don’t you think I’m too old?’

‘For the Lebanese men, maybe.’

For the second time Comfort seemed pleased at something he had said, and for a second time he drew back from blowing on the embers. ‘I wasn’t thinking of a personal investigation,’ he said, ‘but you know some young shoe traders who have recently escaped, don’t you?’

‘Yes I do. I’ll ask a few questions.’

Kwame was curious about Auntie Rose’s background, so he asked ‘How long have you known Auntie Rose?’

‘Oh, many years; she was one of Mama Kate’s girls, going to and from London.’

‘Until she was caught?’

‘That’s right.’

‘But she was never imprisoned?’

‘No, it seems the abrofo thought she would be more use as a spy.’

‘Posing as an agent of a British shoe manufacturer?’

‘Mama Kate’s people think that is her cover for her courier activities.’

‘Then she’s a sort of double agent!’

‘Her life is very complicated.’

‘Can we trust her?’

‘I think so.’

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