Compare IP Cameras Cheap IP CCTV Cameras

Compare IP Cameras Cheap IP CCTV Cameras


What is an IP camera? IP stands for Internet Protocol and is fast becoming the preferred type of security CCTV camera for business and soon for homes.

The traditional and by far the most common camera type is called and analogue camera and the back end /output signal typically used a coaxial cable and BNC connector that can easily be viewed on any TV with video input or any similar monitor.

An IP camera on the other hand used an internet data cable and would need to be connected to a modem or switch or to a personal computer PC.

The benefit of an normal analog camera is that often they are far cheaper and have been established technologies. Little goes wrong with standard type cameras and you can often add better lenses etc to them.

The benefit of IP cameras is that they can have much better quality and if you are IT savvy they are easy to setup, especially when a network is already in place in the home or workplace. IP cameras do not yet have the same flexibility with lenses options but that is changing quickly.

Which one is right for you? Depends how much you have to spend. IP cameras are about $500-2000 each, sometimes a little less or sometimes a little more. This price is a guide only for cameras and not a true reflection of total hardware and labour costs. An analog camera is about $200-1000 and same applies, sometimes more sometimes less.

This is a very basic overview and comparison but I hope it helps. Happy hunting, searching, buying and installing.



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