Pocket-Friendly Alternative to Expensive Office Accommodation

Pocket-Friendly Alternative to Expensive Office Accommodation


Today, individuals and companies able to employ smart cost-saving strategies are the ones who flourish in business. Among other things, they would actively explore multifaceted channels to get more done with less.

For instance, a multidisciplinary company with diverse interests ranging from Office Administration to Import/Export as well as Events/Entertainment is likely to fare better operating from its own building so as to keep “rental” overheads low.

This approach would make it easier for such a company to offer clients affordable services, consistent with their budgetary needs.

But we all know that not every business – especially a solo enterprise or small business operation – can afford to own its own building. At least not in the early phases of growth. Even when the money is there, chances are high that other considerations for which it can be more profitably used will exist.

To compound matters…

A. maybe you want to rent one, but the prices you keep hearing from property owners/real estate agents in the neighbourhoods you prefer are beyond your budget limits.

B. or maybe you’ve tried working from home, but your landlord will not have it, and/or (if you don’t live alone) it just does not give the professional/corporate impression you want.

So what then should an honest, results focused and vision driven business owner like YOU do, when you cannot own your own office?

Would that mean that you have to give up the idea of operating a befitting office presence for your business?

The answer – thankfully – is no.

There is in fact a flexible and affordable alternative solution: It’s called a Serviced Office!

This customized solution is very likely to meet your needs, if you face the above described constraints.

The only thing is you have to find a provider that offers it within proximity to the area you plan to conduct your business activities.

Actually, it’s called varying names across the world’s markets e.g. managed offices, executive centers, executive suites etc.

But those names all basically indicate the same thing: a professionally setup office space, equipped with essential aesthetic and functional conveniences SHARED by businesses.

Here are 3 features of Serviced Office Solutions that can make them right for YOU…

NB: This is a practice that has existed for decades and remains in use across major cities and business districts across the world.

Feature No. 1: All-In-One

A Serviced Office is a COMPLETE solution that makes it possible for the “user” to move in and simply get started with his/her business affairs. No need to worry about setting up etc.

For instance, serviced offices often come already furnished with worktables, chairs etc. In addition they may provide ready access to other resources like meeting rooms, projectors, computers, Internet connection etc.

Often there is a common reception center with a receptionist and a telephone answering service.

Depending on the “package” you wish to adopt, it may initially appear as if the rates are high. The truth is however likely to often be that what you pay will be close to the rate for a normal office – BUT a conventional office spaces comes without the “extras” that serviced offices provide!

For instance, you will not have to make additional payments for electricity, maintenance of facilities, insurance or even security. Those overheads are handled by the provider on behalf of all users.

Feature No. 2: Flexible

Take the business traveler who arrives in Cotonou for a 3 day business visit to explore potential partnerships with some local entrepreneurs and companies in Benin Republic and neighboring states.

Let’s say some of those s/he plans to meet with are coming in from their bases in Porto Novo, Ouidah, and Nigeria’s Lagos, for instance.

Maybe the meetings will include private interview sessions and presentations etc. In such a case, the business traveler may need a suitable office space for a few hours per day for the 3 day duration of his/her stay.

Not being familiar with the environment, and unless s/he’s willing to pay high hotel conference room rates, a serviced office will prove a viable solution for the visitor’s above stated needs.

In other words, due to the ready-to-use nature of Serviced Offices, persons with limited time and pressing needs can easily make effective use of them. At the same time business owners desirous of medium to long term access to an affordable, yet functional and aesthetically appealing office presence will also find use for Serviced Offices.

Feature No. 3: Pocket-Friendly

As you can imagine, the fact that the amenities provided are shared gives you the benefit of access to resources that you would normally not be able to afford by yourself.

Generally, Serviced Offices are setup to enable users adopt varying sizes of “offices” e.g. to accommodate a solo entrepreneur or a group/team of people in one or more rooms.

Should the need arise, you can choose 2 or more adjoining office spaces. In other words, you spend only on what you need – and no more. Even more importantly, depending on the provider, and YOUR negotiating skills, you may be able to negotiate prices, terms and conditions suited to your needs.

In conclusion, regardless of what name they are called, Serviced Offices deliver similar core benefits i.e. cost-effective, convenient, and high profile office space accommodation, for busy business persons with limited budget needs.

If YOU have such needs as stated above, don’t go renting an expensive and potentially limiting conventional office space!

Instead, research your intended location for possible Serviced Office providers. Your needs will be much better served that way – and you will SAVE considerable money in the process.

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