Avoid Drugs in Drinking Water by Using a Water Filtration System

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Avoid Drugs in Drinking Water by Using a Water Filtration System


Over the years people have become increasingly aware that the amount of drugs found in our drinking water, is on the increase, which makes drinking unpurified tap water unsafe. In this article I hope to access how this situation came about and what each of us can do to reduce our level of exposure.

The thing that we must never forget or deny is that there are drugs in drinking water. It is true that they may be small in quantity; however, because we do not know the long term effects of consuming even small doses on a regular basis, we need to be extra cautious.

Each day people are diagnosed with a new type of condition or mental disorder. Each day drug companies spend big bucks investing in, and creating new drugs to treat these conditions.

Even the government in an effort to help society set aside billions of dollars to these drug companies in order to “cure” some of these condition. Right now you may be thinking what does this have to do with our drinking water?

The fact is that about 10% of a drug taken, taken by us will eventually end up in the sewage system by way of the toilet. Think about this for a minute. What do you do with your unwanted pills, capsules and medication? Chances are like me you threw them down the sink.

Now here is the link. A lot of municipalities are now recycling sewage water which means that eventually some of those discarded pills will end up coming through you tap.

Disgusted? I was when I first started to do my homework on tap water. Imagine drinking water that contains medication, medication that was probably used to treat someone suffering from a mental disorder or heart condition. How then should we protect ourselves?

We could cease the consumption of tap water altogether and only drink and use bottled water. The downside to this is that bottled water becomes expensive over time.

Your best option for eliminating drugs in drinking water is to use a water filtration system. These systems are so effective that they are able to remove more than 90% of the impurities found in our water supply.

Also research has shown that filtered tap water is just as good or even better than bottled water. So stop drinking water that contains traces of medication that you don’t even know about; invest in a water filter.

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