An Overview Of Which Drugs Can Help You Conceive

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An Overview Of Which Drugs Can Help You Conceive


Clomid is basically a type of drug usually prescribed to women with infertility issues. It is one of the most well-known fertility drugs which is used to treat ovary disorders and malfunctions by reducing estrogen production. The goal is to stimulate follicle and egg production so that in every month, women are able to produce more eggs. Likewise, this type of drug is also considered one of the easy-to-use treatments of infertility since it is taken as a pill and not as an injection. In contrast with other fertility drugs, such treatment is said to have lesser side effects and inexpensive.

For men, Clomid is used for athletic purposes. Its effects to men include weight loss, muscle build up, and stronger endurance. For women, other than treating ovarian disorders, Clomid is also used to treat PCOS related infertility before resorting to In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) which is a very expensive fertility treatment.

Clomid Effects – The effect of Clomid varies in the doctor’s prescription. The common dosage that is usually recommended by doctors is 50 mg which can be taken for three to five days. And just like any other treatment, after following the protocol prescribed by doctor, couples can have sexual intercourse under these days to increase the chance of conception. However, when it is not successful at first try, doctors may increase the dosage and try another protocol. In this case, it is recommended that patients under treatment should strictly follow protocol to attain good results. In some cases, patients are tempted to follow a different protocol other than the one prescribed by the doctor that is why at times the process can be unsuccessful. Medical doctors suggest that while it requires time, persistence to the original protocol will help achieve the desired result in a record time.

Clomid Resistance – Doctors can increase Clomid dosage up to 250 mg but upon reaching the limit and still with zero results, it must be concluded that one is having a Clomid resistance. This means that the body is unable to respond to Clomid because of having insulin resistance as well as high levels of male hormones that is sometimes brought by the presence of PCOS in the body. In addition, women who encounter body weight issues also hinder the effect of Clomid. That is why before taking Clomid, medical doctors also suggest calculating body mass index and make sure it does not exceed 25 to maintain a high chance of pregnancy.

Clomid Twins – When speaking about side effects, the only one on list is the risk of having multiples. For some mothers, such thing is good news that they take Clomid for the purpose of having twins. Twins that result from taking Clomid are known as "Clomid twins." In records, the treatment makes up 10% chance of having twins and 1% of having triplets or more but the rate can be higher to women who do not have infertility issues at all. In fact, 80% of Clomid twins are fraternal which means that they are not identical as they come from two eggs while the rest makes up the identical twins.

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