Acai Berry Weight Loss Pills – What Are the Side Effects, Benefits and Weight Loss Results?

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Acai Berry Weight Loss Pills – What Are the Side Effects, Benefits and Weight Loss Results?


The number one question in the health market right now regarding Acai Berry supplements is: Does it Actually Work? You be the judge!

Acai capsules passed a two 8-week clinical study by top weight loss experts with flying colors! In the study, in which Acai weight loss pills and placebo were compared, the Acai supplement produced a whopping 12.54-14.99 pounds average of weight loss.

On the other hand, placebo only produced a mere 3.06-3.53 pounds average. As a side note, all of the subjects of both studies exercised daily and only ate a healthy diet.

The Acai Berry supplement that was used in the study is called AcaiBurn. AcaiBurn was chosen due to its large consumer outreach and fanbase not only in the United States (where the study was based) but also in Europe, Canada, Australia, and even South America (where fresh Acai Berries are immediately available).

If you’re wondering why AcaiBurn fared better than placebo in the clinical test, it’s because it contains two organic appetite suppressants (garcinia cambogia and gymnema sylvestre), one blood sugar and cholesterol regulator (chromium polyniconate), and green tea, a natural colon cleansing agent.

Moreover, comparison testings between AcaiBurn and other Acai weight loss supplements also show that AcaiBurn works faster than any of the alternatives.

In a study that compared the average speed of effectiveness between AcaiBurn, Acai Power 500, and Extreme Acai, AcaiBurn started showing signs in just three days of use while Extreme Acai in a week and Acai Power in 12 days, respectively.

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