Wix Review and Coupon

Wix Review and Coupon


For those who are interested in the very popular Wix website builder here is a bit of history on this company. Wix was founded in 2005 and its headquarters are located in New York. Wix website builder does a nice job of standing up against of the many popular website builders out there that are available. Wix has helped in the building of well over eleven million websites at this point in time.

Ease of Use

Wix is very user-friendly platform that even those that are not so computer savvy can use. The very easy drag and drop feature is one of the major advantages of Wix that has made it so popular and easy to use. Building static web pages with Wix is done easily but here is a major advantage with Wix, you can also build using Flash. Using Flash with Wix makes it possible to build beautiful websites with great designs. The advantage of using Flash draws many users including those who want to showcase their photography and artwork. The advantage of being able to use Flash draws in many customers because of the freedom in design and graphics. Many website owners turn to Wix to totally transform their websites to bring in more business to their companies.

Affordable Price

Not only is the Wix website builder very easy to use it is also very affordable. What may website builders are unaware of is that you can use your already existing website with Wix. Wix has a number of packages that you are able to choose from that make it quite affordable. The prices of packages range from about $5 to $20 a month. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish with your website including eCommerce is very affordable and easy to accomplish. Adding affordability with ease of use makes this a certain winner. Coupons are also available to help on the costs, which there is one offered here.

Huge Selection of Templates

One of the drawbacks of other website building programs is that the template selections haven’t been that good. One of the big pros with Wix is that there is a large selection of templates available to choose from. Whether you are building a website for business or just a family website there are over hundreds of templates. For those who do not know how to build a website or just do not want to attempt it, this is a certain stress reducer. All a user has to do is sit and go through the many templates until they find the one that works for their particular taste. Templates are free with no added costs.

Wix has proven to be extremely useful for those who are not technically savvy and want to build a website or spruce up an already existing website with the use of Flash. The one drawback that has been reported is having to upgrade in order to be able to use all of the functions. Overall, the small cost involved is well worth having the ability to use the functions available. For this being the only drawback available there is really not much to not be satisfied with.



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