Who is Tom Bell and Why is He Relevant to Your MLM-Internet Success?

Who is Tom Bell and Why is He Relevant to Your MLM-Internet Success?


Tom Bell is the master mind behind fast Profit Pages, along with his buddy, famed Internet master mind Shawn Casey. Tom, while low profiled, has helped countless Internet marketers and multilevel marketers to become wildly successful, and he can help you to become successful too.

Tom Bell made a name for himself mainly through e-mail marketing teachings. Success did not accompany him from the onset.

Tom, spent several years as a dying cocaine addict, living in New York as a homeless person. Tom however, rose up from this sordid way of life, and within a short period of time, purchased his first airplane, thanks largely to the knowledge that he had acquired in regard to Internet marketing.

Some of Tom Bell’s accomplishments include:

* Creating one thousand paying customers a day, for 18 months straight

* Becoming the father of the landing page or the “squeeze page”

*Tom has made over 30 million dollars via online sales, and 1 million dollars in book sales

Mr. Bell has worked with some of the top Internet minds. Internet master minds like, Tim Erway, Shawn Casey, and Mike Dillard. In fact, Tom along with Mike Dillard and Tim Erway, produced a very MLM course called “MLM Traffic Formula. Tom has mastered ebooks, e-mail marketing and CPA marketing.

One of Tom’s nuggets, revealed in the course MLM Traffic Formula, is the importance of list building. His famous quote, “the money is in the list. ‘ He encourages the Internet marketer to have a professional approach to e-mail marketing.

First by generating leads, then acting upon those leads by following up with those leads. Next he suggest using pipeline marketing to your advantage. That is explained by getting the client into your funnel system. Third, Tom suggest that you use Google AdWords to advertise your website for more web traffic. And finally Mr. Bell tells us to keep in constant contact with our list.

Tom Bell along with Shawn Casey has developed a new Internet product, that in my opinion is a turn key system or as Tom states, “business in a box. ” The product is called fast Profit Pages..

fast Profit Pages 20 pre-tested, profit websites, ready to be marketed by the Internet marketer.

In summation, Tom Bell is an American hero, that rose up from the abyss of a homeless, dying cocaine addict, to becoming a successful Internet marketer, that has graciously shared his knowledge and wisdom with Internet marketing/MLM community.



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