What Is the Gavita Pro 1000DE HID Growing Ballast With Reflector?

What Is the Gavita Pro 1000DE HID Growing Ballast With Reflector?


Many farmers can find that indoor gardening is a relaxing hobby, with some rewarding aspects to it. This is especially the case when they use products such as the Gavita Pro 1000DE HID Growing Ballast equipped with a Reflector. In the case that you are new to indoor gardening, you might not have any idea what this is, but it is potentially one of the most useful devices when you want to improve the success of your garden. This article is going to highlight some of the many features that the Gavita Pro 1000DE HID Growing Ballast has to offer, as well as why it is a great device to use with your indoor garden.

Effective ballast.

The Gavita Pro 1000DE HID Growing Ballast is a device that is used to evenly spread the light emitted from your grow lights, in order to successfully promote further growth. They are effective at being able to ensure that all of your plants are getting enough light to help them to flourish, and to help your plants grow as much as possible. This way you get 30%more yield from the plants and therefore a higher profit margin if you are looking to sell them. Many professional marijuana growers use these in order to help their stock grow to its potential, and then yield enough to make a large profit. Whilst it is likely that you are not a marijuana seller, these work very well with most plants as well.

Another good aspect of this device, they are usually sold at prices that you wouldn’t expect. For the reliability, quality and other benefits that the Gavita Pro 1000 HID DE provides, you might be expecting to pay a figure in the thousands, but most reputable sources will sell this device to you for around $600.


Aside from spreading the light more evenly around your garden, this device also helps to keep your bulb in place, and has cooling ducts, which are effective at helping to ventilate your indoor garden. Also, unlike some of the other devices like this, due to the effectiveness of the light spread, you will not need to purchase as many of these as you may first think. What this means is that instead of having to purchase ten of these in order to get enough light to your garden, you can purchase five and save money whilst still providing the light that your plants need.

An additional feature of this device is the reflector, which is useful in that can disperse the right amount of lumens around your garden in order to increase your yield.

Worthwhile investment.

If you really care about the success of your indoor garden, and might possibly want to take your current hobby to the next stage of professionalism, this is the perfect product for you. For its price, it packs in a lot of value, and of course a greater return on your plants, which makes it more than worthwhile. Whilst you may argue that there is no need to purchase this device, as there are alternative ballasts you could purchase instead, this particular ballast comes with a great package that will certainly help you if you are new to indoor gardening.



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