What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) And What Is White and Gray Hat SEO?

What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) And What Is White and Gray Hat SEO?


Search Engine Optimization or seo is a method of improving the rank or visibility of a website or webpage in search engines. Web administrators employ seo because of the theory that the more frequent that a site appears on the first page of a search engine (whenever a user searches), the more probable that it will be visited and read by a user.

seo is a type of search engine marketing that helps promote web presence. With this, your products and services will be within view of prospective customers. It covers various types of searches. This includes local search, image search, video search and others.

Business Model: seo may generate a return on investment as a result of customer interaction but you do not pay search engines to attract organic search traffic. Organic search traffic is traffic that is produced by the relevancy rankings of a search engine and not by alternative methods such as Pay Per Click.

Changing the design of the website, both at the frontend and backend to optimize it will incur costs, as well as using methods that will improve its ranking on a web search. You will also need a way to track these search results to be sure that your website stays at least within the top 10.

Getting Started: Optimizing a website to improve its web presence involves a number of options:

  1. Editing its content and HTML as well as associated coding to increase its relevancy to specific keywords
  2. Remove the barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. When your website is indexed, it basically means that your website is part of the search results and you can begin to use your seo strategies.
  3. Promotion of the website to increase its number of backlinks. Backlinks are incoming links to a website, which were initially a means to navigate the web, but now more important in seo business.

White Hat seo Techniques – White hat techniques are widely acceptable techniques in seo marketing. There are services offered by search engines that make sure that a website gets indexed by the leading search engines. Google and Yahoo! use web crawlers to look for pages for their search results.

Some search engines, especially Yahoo!, guarantees web crawling for a fee or Cost Per Click account, although, this assures inclusion in the database but not specific ranking within the search results.

Other services of Google include the Google Webmaster tools, which ensures that all pages are found using an XML sitemap feed.

There are other methods used for seo such as cross linking. Cross linking increases the links to the main page of the website using its available pages. There is also keyword stuffing, which includes keyword rich text in the webpage matching all search queries. When I say keyword stuffing, I do NOT mean you should make your content look unnatural and put your keywords all over the place, but should make sure that you have your keywords with a densidty of 1-2% in your text. Do not forget to include the keywords also in the title and metatags keywords and description. Backlinks from a web directory or related sites can also help.

Gray Hat seo Techniques – Gray hat techniques are neither white nor black. These techniques are so-called gray because there are risks that go along with them. An example is purchasing links.

Google is against the sale or purchase of a backlink but there are many online pages, magazines and other resources that offer backlinks for a fee. Basically, the price of a text link depends on the authority of the linking page. An example of an unofficial benchmark of the average price for a text link is Google’s PageRank.

I strongly advise you NOT to use Black Hat seo techniques. I am not even allowed to publish them in this article on EzineArticles. You may get a benefit on the short term, but sooner or later the search engines will notice what you are up to. You start collecting negative points, and at a certain threshold your site will go into the search engines “black list”, where it may never get released again; meaning that you either loose a bit part of your positioning or may even get banned (not indexed) by the search engines

Even what today is considered gray hat seo may become Black hat seo in the future. Therefore, if you are serious about you online business, make sure that you set it on a strong, “white seo” foundation.

seo Pitfalls – The problem with this business model is that search engines periodically change their algorithms. There is also no guarantee that referrals will continue. Because of these, if you rely solely on seo techniques, you can suffer major losses if suddenly there is no organic search traffic coming your way.

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