Using Contextual Backlinks And High PR Backlinks For Better Link Building

Using Contextual Backlinks And High PR Backlinks For Better Link Building


Relevant and contextual backlinks are very important because it helps websites climb up the search result listings. But some backlinks are more important than others. The best part is that it is not all that difficult to obtain contextual backlinks.

The most convenient way of doing this is by owning a blog. This way one can go ahead with any link one wants without the need to ask for permission from any authority. Since most blogging platforms these days are free, the process does not even incur added expenses but it does require a certain amount of time investment. While doing this, one must keep in mind that this blog will primary help in acquiring high PR backlinks of good quality and in large numbers. The content, of course, has to be unique in order to attract good traffic. Once one has a blog to one’s own, one can go ahead and submit well written articles and try and acquire contextual backlinks. Article Marketing comes in handy at this stage. But unlike blogs, there are a lot of public directories and therefore when dealing with article marketing, one must focus on the directories that have PageRank (PR) of at least 1. After one has registered, one can submit articles and then check if the website is gaining good traffic with that content. One can use these to obtain high PR backlinks. Otherwise, there is that option of taking help of private networks like Build My Rank (BMR) and Link Vana.

In case one requires more contextual backlinks for improving traffic to one’s blog, then one must actually consider owning a real website. But it is obviously easier said than done because this not only requires a larger investment but also a certain amount of advanced skill and knowledge. This way, the owner actually has all control over the website and what is better is that these stand alone websites are at a better position to attract high PR backlinks. Though it is a lot of hard work, but it is a time tested recipe for success.

Websites like GoDaddy often sell expiring domains at low prices and it is a good idea to keep a watch out for these because these are excellent cost saving measures. It helps if these domains are hosted on different C class IP addresses but for this, there is a need to change nameservers, setup a hosting account, install WordPress or another platform, and post relevant and well written content. The content has to be written in a crisp style that will attract and interest the readers who visit the website and more importantly, it should be free of all kinds of errors. A little bit of guest blogging at other websites will also help in publicizing the website and driving traffic to it. Once that is done, it will ensure that the website will receive contextual backlinks of good quality.



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