Top Tips For Becoming a Digital DJ Master – The Software – Part 1

Top Tips For Becoming a Digital DJ Master – The Software – Part 1


There is a huge range of weird and wonderful DJ software on the market at the moment. Today I’ll introduce you to one of the more popular software programs, OtsAV DJ.

OtsAV DJ Is one of the cheaper solutions on the market, but do not be fooled by the price tag. At around £100, it has some fantastic features and is certainly value for money.

Why you should buy OtsAV DJ

  • “No delay” promise – I have used OTS for around 2-3 years now and not one song has ‘skipped’ during playback. Not one!  You can stop worrying about an embarrassing track skip and get on with what you’re good at.
  • Good Playback Compatibility – OTS will play back a lot of the more common compressed and uncompressed audio file formats, such as MP3, WAV and many others.
  • VJ support – OTS has the ability to play back video files, which means you can be a VJ with this program too.
  • Save Playlist  –  With OTS you have the option to save entire playlists to bring up at a later date. Of course, this is editable, but sometimes if you are having a difficult gig it’s reassuring to know you have a few killer tunes already stacked so you can think ahead of the game.
  • Instant song search function – Find songs instantly, just by typing in the song name or artist name. Perfect when you’re in a hurry!

Why you shouldn’t buy OtsAV DJ

  • Beat matching – OK, so you should be doing all your own beat matching if you’re a superstar DJ, right? Well, yes. But this program hardly does you any favours. If you are DJing anything like Garage, House or other styles of music where beat matching is essential, it is hard to achieve consistently using this software.
  • Incomplete track information – This, for me, is the biggest problem with OTS. Often when you are playing a set and you search  for a song in your song database, instead of seeing the artist, it may display other information (often the track number) instead. This can be very annoying, as song titles tend not to be unique, and knowing the artist therefore becomes essential for playing the right song! For instance, the song title ‘Rhythm of the night’ has been used by both Debarge and Corona. Same song title, totally different songs! As you can imagine, this is a big problem when the pressure is on.


On the whole, OtsAV DJ is a good program to use, and great value for money. It is reliable, will play without skipping, and it’ll even auto-fade for you when necessary. While I would not recommend this piece of software for a budding club DJ, I would certainly recommend it to mobile DJ’s on a tight budget. It has a great mix of features and once you are used to it, it is a very powerful tool in your DJ arsenal.

Rating: 7/10



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