Tips to Make an Seo Friendly Website Design and Development

Tips to Make an Seo Friendly Website Design and Development


The term search engine optimization is very much important for the development of a website. It enhances the user experience to a great extent and also the over all esteem of a site. There are several companies in the online arena but most of them wait for the completion of the entire site before opting for a search engine optimizer. This process generally ruins the entire functioning of a site. Just imagine, would it be sensible if you build a house and then after that you decide that you wanted an interior decorator to build it. There are superb seo strategies that can do wonders for your website development process.

– Firstly target at least some relevant key words and phrases and then only optimize them.

– Do not go for any duplicate content. Try to always provide unique and fresh content for your website. The quality of the content matters a lot for the overall hike of a site’s rank and position.

– Replace every underscore with hyphen and replace every blank space so that the URL’s become readable.

– Remember to use relevant keywords in Alt tags of images according to necessity.

– Be careful to use semantic mark up only.

– Broken links must not be present and a site map is must for visitors.

– There must be a robots bit file directory.

– Web analytics must be set up and all the major pages must be run to make sure that the spiders run very deep every time.

– Reduce the scripts and try to acquire services from a noteworthy server and automated back up.

– Flash must not be used and 301 redirects are a must.

– The domain name must contain a head term.

So making your site search friendly, avoiding flash usage and frames, don’t go for hidden text, use CSS drop navigation, CSS style sheets, Alt tags, HTML heading level tags, proper key words etc to succeed in building a search engine friendly website. Companies that can provide customized services must be picked up. If you can pull out the right seo package then you would obviously end up with successful link building, content creation as well as social media optimization. By following certain basic tips you can expect to achieve immense fame and popularity among the search engines. Remember whatever may be the process you are involved in whether it is development process or website building process seo vehicle is the power house of every successful website nowadays. Your rivals are waiting to pounce upon you so it is vital to make a strategic move in the entire process to avoid being plague by malicious attackers always ready to ruin your business. Today there is a huge demand for these techniques because there has been an incredible growth in the online businesses all around. So if you have to set yourself among the stars you have to be very cautious. Don’t forget that your site is your mirror.



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