The Top 5 Model Train Accessories

The Top 5 Model Train Accessories


Many people’s first introduction to model railroading happens when they put together a simple circle or oval on a sheet of plywood. There’s no backdrop of any kind, and there may not be buildings or vehicles to provide any kind of realistic background.

For those who become passionate about it, however, adding accessories to the railroad become necessary as they strive for realism. For enthusiasts, this can become a lifelong hobby, and can grow exponentially as they continue.

Every layout is different and everyone has favored accessories, but the following 5 accessories are some of the most common. They will add realism to your model railroad and make it more interesting to use.

1. Train Station

Most people add this to their layout as one of the first accessories. It gives the railroad both a beginning and ending, and may be the locus around which to build an entire town or city, eventually.

2. Lighting

There are many ways to light a railroad. Background lighting can add a degree of realism, or street lights may add “atmosphere” to your city. The lights may be strictly decorative, or they may actually provide lighting for nighttime scenes.

3. Rail Cars

The locomotive comes first and is often the focal point of any railroad setup, but rail cars will let you expand the look and length of your train. There are many kinds available.

4. People and Animals

A city or rail yard wouldn’t be complete without people included as a necessary part of the scenery. And if your railroad’s track travels through mountains or countryside scenery, animals also add realism to the backdrop.

5. Landscaping

You can provide landscape for a railroad in endless ways. Add things like grass, trees, lakes or rivers to the background and scenery. For more detail, add hills and valleys for your train to travel through. You can even include tunnels going through the mountains.



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