The Nokia E90 – A Communicator As Well As A 3G Smart Phone

The Nokia E90 – A Communicator As Well As A 3G Smart Phone


Looking for a good phone opt for the Nokia E90. The phone is a communicator as well as a 3G Smart phone. It has some really amazing user friendly features. The mobile phone has a wonderful display through a large 16 million color screen . The screen has a high resolution. The phone is a full l QWERTY keyboard.

The Nokia E90 handset is a lightweight phone. It only weighs 210 grams. Its dimensions are 32mm x 57mm x 20mm. This makes it ideal for all the business users, especially those continuously on the move. It is perfect for those in need of a high quality mobile handset incorporating the latest technology.

The phone has an internal memory of 128 Mbytes . This memory can be expanded with the help of a Micro SD memory card. The mobile phone has a battery with a stand by time of 336 hours and a GSM talk time of 5 hours .

The Nokia E90 Communicator can be easily connected to the other compatible devices. This can be done through a USB cable or a mini USB. Also available is the infra red or Blue tooth technology. The phone also has many easy to use connectivity options. These options allow the users to connect through a wireless or wired connection between various compatible devices. The E90 model from Nokia also has a 2.5mm Nokia AV connector which is complete with ECI.

The Nokia E90 mobile phone also has an integrated 3.2 mega pixel camera. This camera also has a built-in flash and an auto-focus feature. These features are helpful in capturing, editing, storing and sharing the photographs.

The mobile phone also has a media player for the user to play videos on the 3G Smart phone. The media player supports almost all sorts of popular music formats. This bring in an element of fun into the phone.

The Nokia E90 Communicator mobile phone has all the wonderful features. In spite of this there is no complexity involved, in fact the phone is very easy to use and has a very high efficiency. This makes the phone a must have for every business man and professional.



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