The Doral Boat – Rich in Canadian History

The Doral Boat – Rich in Canadian History


Canadians may not be known for the boats they manufacture but they actually have a good history with it. The Chemin du Roy, a road along the St. Lawrence River shore in Quebec, Canada, is a historically important road because it made transportation between Montreal and Quebec possible in just two days. Villagers saw the opportunity to manufacture canoes, rowboats and sailboats to serve as an alternative for passengers and goods. To bring the workers to this area, steamboats, canoes and barges were used.

It was in 1935 when Moïse Cadorette started a company which fabricated canoes and small pleasure boats in St-Jean-des-Piles. They later introduced fiberglass in the manufacturing of their products to mould the hulls – a first in Canada in 1956. Later on, the Doral Boat was born in 1972. But it was in the historic town of Grand Mère, Quebec that the major business on boat manufacturing flourished when they moved there in 1989 after two local entrepreneurs bought Moïse Cadorette in 1979. Doral continued to expand. Doral International is now a company doing business in more than 25 countries across the world.

Doral Boats has made a name for themselves in the boating industry. They claim to have developed boats built for boaters by boaters. And they’re edge is their modern plant and 30 years experience – the Doral difference. They have a range of products that fits the varying needs of their worldwide customers. They have classified them into three: sport yachts, express cruisers, and the elite series.

Under sport yachts, they offer two models. The first, the Alegria pays exceptional detail to entertainment, relaxation and water fun for a day, weekend or long-range tour. The second one, the Mediterra’s new design offers more control, making it easier to maneuver in just about all conditions. These models are the longest in terms of overall length.

Six models are categorized as express cruisers, namely Boca Grande, Elegante, Intrigue, Prestancia, Venezia and Montecillo. These have shorter overall length compared to sport yachts. But they still boast hotel-like amenities in the cabin. Classified under elite series are 4: the 265 Bow Rider, 265 Cuddy, 235 Bow Rider and 235 Cuddy. They all introduce a new generation of Doral sport boats. They don’t have interior cabins like the first two groups.

They are built with safety and enjoyment in mind. Whatever you fancy, from a 17′ runabout to their 36′ flagship, Doral has the model just right for you. May it be water-skiing, fishing or cruising. Manufacturers at Doral strive to ensure that all cruisers and sport boats stand the test of time. At the same time, the little details that have been integrated into the boats are expected to surpass customer expectations. Meeting customer expectations is a must in Doral. Their website enables the visitor to design their own Doral, with their own choice of engine, color, size, accessories and even minute details.

The production process of a Doral starts the day of purchase by its future owner. The boat is produced in separate modules and then assembled in their various departments and workshops. Production of seat cushions, cabinets and composite parts start simultaneously with a large number of people working on the same boat at one time. The manufacture of each Doral boat is done with high supervision and high compliance to Doral standards even during quality inspection and testing.

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