The Coliseum Is One Of The Best Complete Hydroponic Systems On The Market

The Coliseum Is One Of The Best Complete Hydroponic Systems On The Market


The trend in vertical growing systems continues with one of the highest yielding complete hydroponic systems to date. The Coliseum is an indoor garden that delivers the highest yield in the shortest time by maximizing the available light source. The Coliseum can be used two different ways either aeroponically or media filled. The media filled configuration utilizes a mixture of vermiculite and perlite to hold plants upright. The aeroponic method utilizes neoprene discs to support the plants and to prevent the aerated water from spraying out of the plant site. The Coliseum comes in many different sizes depending upon your available grow space.

The concept for how the Coliseum produces such a high yield is actually a very simple one. Sunlight is what makes plants grow and when we grow indoors we use different types of artificial lighting to encourage vegetation and flowering in plants. When we grow traditionally or a flat garden style we end up with a high concentration of lumens in the center of the garden and less at the edges. So unless you plan to rotate your plants continuously they will not all grow at the same rate which will in turn decrease your yield.

With the Coliseum the plants are vertically stacked one on top of the other to fill the 7 foot chamber. The lights are then vertically suspended one after the other to evenly distribute the lumens to every plant. This means that every plant will produce the maximum yield that it possibly can. The plants will grow towards the light which will prevent any of the plants in the top sections of the Coliseum from shading the bottom plants. The plants are supplied with nutrients and water through an irrigation system and pump.

The compact nature of the Coliseum is amazing considering what it contains. This complete hydroponic system can house up to 300 plants, 5 inches wide and 12 inches tall. It has a 6 foot diameter and is approximately 7 feet tall. It barely takes up any room at all! This makes it so important in today’s world. We are running out of available farmland and have to look at other options. Indoor gardening vertically is the best solution. The Coliseum practically and efficiently uses the available space that we do have, which is up!

But not only will this complete hydroponic system save space, it will also save money. The Coliseum utilizes only 1600 watts of power and the water is recycled throughout so it will not be a drain on resources which is in turn very good for our environment. Of course, one of the most important advantages to using the Coliseum is that you can double and even triple your yield compared to other growing chambers and techniques. But, not only will you maximize your space and increase your yield you will also enjoy a shorter growing period. The plants will grow faster in much less time as a result of even lighting. Another nice benefit to the Coliseum is that it can be added on to as your farm grows. So save time, space, money, and the environment with the best in complete hydroponic systems, the Coliseum. Grow practically, grow efficiently, grow vertically with the Coliseum!



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