The Best Security Systems for Single Family Home Protection

The Best Security Systems for Single Family Home Protection


Apartments, townhouses, condominiums and single family homes have different security system needs. The best security systems for one will not be the best for the others. Every home is different and there is really no single solution for all; however, single family homes do have some common denominators which require a security system with similar features and benefits.

In analyzing a host of any home security reviews, there are few things that become evident.

• Every home has doors and windows that need securing. A single story home requires full attention to the windows; a two story home does not require the same attention on the upstairs windows. The alarm system that you employ must tell you when there has been a breach. The better systems give the option of sounding a local alarm or alerting the monitoring station or both.

• Windows are the most vulnerable points in your home. Windows can be entered by forcing the window open from the frame or by breaking the glass. Glass break sensors give added protection over and above the make/break sensor and ensure that you will be notified no matter what method is used to breach the window.

• Detached garages are not much of a problem, but attached garages are one of the favorite entry points for a thief. As such, the garage door should be guarded and monitored no different than any other door in the house.

• Motion sensors are one more level of security. If a burglar somehow manages to gain entry to your home without tripping the door and window sensors, the motion detector will alert you. Motion sensors are normally mounted in those areas of the home where transit is almost guaranteed, such as the hall leading to the bedrooms.

• Frontpoint security reviews will point out that fires are often many times more devastating than a robbery. With smoke and fire detectors that are monitored 24/7, should there be a fire emergency, help will be dispatched immediately. A few minutes can mean the difference between minimal damage and total destruction.

Door and window sensors, glass break sensors, garage door sensor, motion sensors and smoke detectors are the absolute minimum protection for a single family home. Other great services that can be an integral part of your system is complete home automation, energy management and remote access. The extras are great but the basics are an absolute requirement.



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