Surviving Study Hall When You Don’t Have Anything to Study

Surviving Study Hall When You Don’t Have Anything to Study


Study halls can be a real savior when you find yourself franticly trying to cram for your next test after a night of hanging out with your friends. Or when you just realized that term paper you’ve been avoiding is due next period. Of course, just like anything else there is down side to study hall. What do you do when you don’t have anything to study? When you’re bored out of your mind and the teacher keeps giving you the evil eye, and it looks like she’s about to kick you out if you pass one more note, or tell one more joke to your neighbor.

Fortunately a trip to the office isn’t your definite destination. There are tons of things that you can do to occupy yourself in study hall that don’t involve schoolwork. Yes, believe it or not you can find entertainment at your school and it doesn’t even involve rule breaking.

1. If you like to read you can always bring along one of your favorite novels and escape for the duration of the period, from the mundane boredom into an enthralling tale with exciting characters. You could even take a short trip to your school’s library and discover something new amongst their selection of books.

2. Or if playing games suits your fancy just bring along your laptop computer. There is an almost limitless variety of games which you can download online for absolutely free. The choices include cooking games, speed games, home games, and many more popular games.

3. Also as an incentive to keep your grades up your school may offer downtown passes to students with high averages. So if you want to escape the boredom of sitting in a study hall there many options available to you with a pass. You could go out to lunch with a group of friends, do some light shopping, or even go for a walk to get some fresh air.

Prepare yourself before going to a study hall if you know beforehand that you have no school work to do that has to be done. Bring your laptop computer, with an extra battery of course, a good book, or your downtown pass if you have one. This will make study hall much more enjoyable for you and for your study hall supervisor as well!



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