Summer Holiday Necessities

Summer Holiday Necessities


Are you planning a trip to the Maltese islands? This small, beautiful island showcases the perfect blend of history, culture, architecture and of course, the beaches. Before you begin to pack your bags here are a few things you should carry with you:

Do not forget to carry sunscreen lotion. Malta is known for its gorgeous, typical Mediterranean, long sunny days so do make sure you not only carry it on you, but apply it whenever you are basking in the soft warmth of sun for that safe, golden brown colour. Apply the sun block lotion even when you are not going to the beaches. Summer Temperatures ranges between 24°C in May and 32°C and more in August, which is the warmest month.

Mosquito repellents: It will keep the mosquitoes at bay and you can enjoy your holiday in a relaxed fashion. Carry your sunglasses, tissues, to block the sun and keep you refreshed. A medical kit is always better in case of any jellyfish or mosquito bites.

Pack comfortable light cotton and linen clothing. Your clothes should not hamper your freedom. Bring along your beach wear if you want to laze around on the beaches or take a refreshing dip. If you do not want to wear swimsuit, carry some short sleeved dresses and/ or shorts. Topless bathing is not allowed. The hotels in Malta can help you choose which beaches you prefer, be it rocky or sandy.

Take along some formal clothing as well. The restaurants and bars and in abundance and will surely tempt you. In the summer the nightlife is always pumping, you will definitely enjoy your nights out.

Do not forget to take your camera. You can enjoy taking snaps of this magnificent place which has the rarest blend of different cultures. An underwater camera is a bonus since diving is a prime attraction. The Maltese seas offer a unique taste in diving. You can upload them onto your laptop when cameras are full. The hotels in Malta also provide internet service for Facebook uploads! Don’t forget your chargers.



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