Speed Reading – How to Eliminate Subvocalization

Speed Reading – How to Eliminate Subvocalization


Fast readers eliminate subvocalization to read faster than normal reading speed of 250 words per minute. It is the inner voice which gives sensation to the reader that he or she has read a word or phrase. Due to subvocalization a reader can imagine whether he has pronounced a word correctly or not. When a reader reads a word incorrectly then he returns to the word and pronounces it again due to which a considerable time is spent on a single word. Experts claim that it places extra burden on the tongue and vocal cards therefore it should be eliminated from the process of reading to increase the speed of a reader.

It is natural for a reader to pronounce a word in the process of reading to understand its meaning. This inner pronunciation is the movement of speaking muscles which can be visible or invisible. A reader tries to pronounce words unconsciously while reading a text across the page or screen of a computer. Readers can experience that they cannot read faster due to subvocalization but once they ignore it they feel better speed of reading. A reader can understand words which he reads without it and moves faster to next words. So it is important to eliminate subvocalization if a reader wants to read faster.

People use various techniques to increase reading speed by eliminating subvocalization. Readers need to focus on their eye movements to read faster. They should focus on larger areas of text to increase the speed of reading. They should make chunks or blocks of words to increase reading speed. Larger the block of words greater the speed of reading so readers should try to include more and more words in chunks.

Readers can follow pen and finger technique to read smoothly but these techniques are considered artificial. Readers should make larger chunks of words and place pen or finger to increase reading speed. They should keep reading blocks of words in minds for a while and try to pronounce them in mind instead of mouth. Mind of a reader should work on the memorized word but eyes should move next to read faster.

People can speak a single word at a time due to which they cannot read speedily but they can read faster by eliminating subvocalization. Those who read without the movement of lips can read faster as compare to those who read by pronouncing words. Therefore it is discouraged by the experts to increase reading speed of children and pupils. When a reader needs to read books and long texts then elimination of subvocalization can be a useful technique for him or her.



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