Signs That Summer Has Arrived

Signs That Summer Has Arrived


Summer is the hottest season of the year. It is usually marked by temperate weathers so most people take a vacation to get away some place else because of the fine weather. People also flock to the beach and get a tan.

1. The first answer to the question when does summer start is when the day is longer than the night time. The sunsets are later than usual and people can stay out longer.

2. The second answer to the question when does summer start is when you notice changes in the surroundings. The air becomes humid and you smell blooming flowers. It is the time when vegetation and animals come back to life. Plants usually grow about an inch everyday because of the good condition of the soil.

3. The third answer to the question when does summer start is when you see a lot of people enjoying time in their backyard having barbecue nights. You will also see a lot of children playing longer outside of their homes. At night time the birds like sparrows can still be heard chirping. Several people also take time to go to the beach and have a picnic. Some enjoy getting a tan under the hot sun. People also like playing different sports like basketball and volleyball because of the summer weather. This is the same reason why we also have the Summer Olympics.

4. The fourth answer to the question when does summer start is when the schools close to give way for the summer holiday of the students. This usually happens in the third week of May. A typical summer holiday in the countries in the Northern hemisphere starts from late May until the last week of August.

5. Another sign of summer season is the onset of tropical cyclones. Summer is not limited to dry weather; it can also be a wet season when cyclones happen. Cyclones form from the oceans and can be quite dangerous when it becomes strong.

6. Another characteristic that summer has begun is when you see birds flying back to their habitats. They come back after their migration. You will also see trees and other plants coming back to life just right after spring time.

7. Summer also starts when you see people buying summer clothes. Summer clothes should be cooler than the clothing you wear during autumn and winter. It should be light as much as possible since temperatures can get extremely humid.



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