Resolving the Microsoft Outlook Express Not Responding Error Message!

Resolving the Microsoft Outlook Express Not Responding Error Message!


Microsoft Outlook Express is an email client. It’s an email set up on your computer system only. It’s different from Web mail on which you can check your mail messages for as long as there is an Internet connection; or checking your mail messages through a website. There are many Outlook Express users suffer from responding error messages. Well, we should think that there are different responding error messages by the said email client.

In order for you to manage those responding error messages, here are some tips to resolve them like a Pro.

The most common causes of error messages are due to internet connectivity issues or account settings are configured incorrectly. You have to verify if there is an internet connection. If there is an internet connection, try to do a test mail; send an email to yourself. If you still receive an error message, verify the account settings.

Have the latest update on your Windows operating system. You should run the Windows operating system updater program. The latest update would seal security holes and also correct errors that crept during the course of programming.

Update the anti-virus on your computer. The cause of a sudden responding problem of email client is due to virus-contained emails that entered your inbox. We also recommend running a full system scan.

It has Faulty or corrupt storage folders. The email message has a virus on the corrupted files, causing Outlook Express to crash. If you delete the folder files manually, you will lose all the email stored in it so backup is recommended. You can either take a full backup of Outlook Express Email or simply select the messages you want and drag them to a temporary folder. Then manually delete the Inbox.dbx file and restart Outlook Express.

Reinstall the Outlook Express program. This is our last resort; you can try it with Internet Explorer version 6 set up file which is available from



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