Proactol Reviews – The Safety And Effectiveness Of Proactol

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Proactol Reviews – The Safety And Effectiveness Of Proactol


Proactol is used to aid the exercise and weight-management program. Unlike other miracle weight-loss pills, it will only work with a sensible diet and exercise program to help you shed your fat.

Proactol is clinically tested and has become one of the most trusted weight-management pills in the market. It is medically backed across the globe by leading health officials, such as Dr. J. Gruenwald and well renowned Pharmaceutical professional Will Davis. Because of their selective nature on what product they will endorse, it is difficult to find endorsements from these leading health experts on every site you visit.

According to the manufacturer, Proactol is 100% natural and it is made using a cactus called Optunia ficus-indica, also known as the Prickly Pear. The all natural ingredients of Proactol make it an ideal supplement for people everywhere, even suitable for vegans! This is a big surprise because not all weight-management pills are suitable for vegetarians.

Proactol works by absorbing the fat content (lipids) of the food in the stomach. It will bind with some of the fat in your stomach, making up to 27.4% of the fat indigestible and help to remove it harmlessly through your body.

Another thing Proactol can do is to help calm your food cravings and reduce the absorption of dietary cholesterol into your blood stream. So, for those of you who are constantly tempted by treats, sweets, and fatty snacks; Proactol can help you to easily say no to such foods.

Proactol is a supplement that has been used by thousands of people to help them successfully manage their weight. In fact it is easy and no strong willpower is required to manage weight with Proactol, just stop eating once you are full and walk a little after meal. Exercise is obviously a good move, along with keeping an eye on what you eat and avoid snacking as much as possible.

The effect of Proactol is best when combined with diet and exercise. You can expect to lose anything between 3-5 pounds a month. It can even help you to maintain your weight once you have reached your goal. Simply reduce your intake from 3-4 pills a day to just 1-2 pills, not forgetting to maintain your exercise routine and diet plan. As such, Proactol could help you maintain the new, improved you and a happier life style!

Effectiveness and safety is a very rare combination when it comes to weight-management products. However, Proactol has both because it is medically backed, and has successfully completed 3 clinical trials. The double-blind placebo controlled cross over study proved that 27.4% more fat was blocked in the group of volunteers who had taken Proactol’s active ingredient, compared to those who had not.

Though not exactly a drawback, Proactol pills cannot be used as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. It is not a miracle pill and will not automatically reduce your excess fat on its own. It will only assist you to reduce your fat more easily if you remain physically active, eat moderately and take proper rest.

No matter how safe a weight-management product is, like all other fat binders; Proactol may have side-effects too. Some of the adverse effects caused were stomach discomfort and greasy stools. Although Proactol does not cause any serious side-effect due to the fact it uses the natural organic fat binding NeOpuntia, it is still advisable to consult your doctor before taking the supplement. Always remember to resist the temptation to take more than the prescribed dosage just because you want to hasten the fat loss. These pills are definitely not for people with digestive problems and diabetics.

Even though Proactol is not the best weight-management pill on earth, it is still worth a try because it has successfully helped thousands of users to lose weight without contracting any side effects!

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