Permanent Hair Removing – A Painless and Effective Treatment!

Permanent Hair Removing – A Painless and Effective Treatment!


Hair is a female’s crowning glory. Admit it or not, a bulk of your salary goes to your trusted salon and to the purchasing of tons of hair products. You also subtly one way or another have used your hair as an instrument or a tool to attract the opposite sex. How many self-help articles have you read deciphering the body languages of a female? If it is not your eyes that do the talking, it’s your hair. Flipping it, twirling it or tucking it in your ear, you faintly signify you’re into him.

One problem with hair is that it doesn’t just grow on your head. There are many places it grows like arms and legs!

There are customary ways to get rid of these unattractive body and facial hair. Shaving is cheap and you can do it by yourself. Just purchase a razor and slather your body with hair conditioner or body washes and you can shave the hair away. This method might be inexpensive and quick but stubble will appear instantaneously; not to mention the nicks and scrapes you might suffer because of shaving. Waxing is another method, though more effective in prolonging the growth of unwanted hair, it is very painful. Can you imagine smearing yourself with hot wax and then placing a strip of cloth and yanking the hair from its roots? Ouch.

Living in this age of technology however, brilliant minds have come up with safe, pain free and effective ways to get rid of unwanted and excessive hair particularly developed for females. Permanent Hair Removing treatments are targeted on areas that the consumer wants the hair growth to be regulated. Most common areas are the arms, legs, armpits and sometimes even at their backs.

Permanent hair removing treatments use epilation method, meaning it targets not just the hair visible to the eye but also the root below the skin. Unlike depilation method similar to the principles used in depilatory creams, where the chemicals break the protein that gives the hair its potency thus severing the visible hair from its roots but not the root itself. These hair removing treatments are classified into different categories by the use of various energies, Electro epilation or using high frequency current to get rid of hair, Photo epilation or the use of light to remove hair such as lasers and laser diodes, high energy lamps and LEDs and Ultrasound epilation or the use of ultrasonic waves to eliminate unsightly hair.

Thermicon technology uses heat pulses to separate the hair follicle from the roots.
Whatever permanent hair removing treatment you choose, be wary of imitations and artificial procedures that may pose a serious risk to your health. Use only trusted, proven technology such as thermicon, especially if doing it at home.



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