Patio String Lights – How to Make Your Own Using Tin Cans

Patio String Lights – How to Make Your Own Using Tin Cans


Making your own patio string lights can be a great craft for a cottage weekend or even a backyard slumber party campout. You will have to begin by asking friends, family and neighbors to collect and keep their used and emptied tin cans. Once you have received the desired amount of cans (preferably one for every bulb on your string of lights) you will need to clean them thoroughly and remove their paper labels. Now you are able to begin.

Here is what you will need:

1. Your collection of clean, label free cans

2. A few old towels

3. A hammer

4. A sharp nail

5. A pair of metal snips

6. At least one strand of outdoor lights

7. A pair of safety gloves and eye protection

Step One:

Begin by filling your tins with water and placing them in the freezer until frozen solid. Once the tins of water are frozen remove them from the freezer and lay them on the floor in the center of your old towel. Secure your tin by rolling the edges of the towel inward towards your frozen tin. The towel will help to hold your tin in place and will soak up the water as your tin thaws.

Step Two:

Now, put on your gloves and safety glasses. With a white grease pencil draw any design you’d like on your tin can. Remember, the design will be made by punching holes through the tin, so designs made of multiple dots are best. Some of the most common choices when making your own patio string lights are stars and moons since your lanterns will be enjoyed during the evening hours.

Step Three:

Begin placing your nail on your drawn dots and hammering small holes until your design is complete. Once you’re finished punching the holes you will need to draw an “X” shape on the bottom of each of your tins. Using your metal snips carefully cut out the lines need to form the “X” and fold the four triangle section back in toward the inside of the tin.

Step Four:

Remove the bulbs from your string lights and place a tin on each socket. Screw each bulb back into their socket, this will be what holds your lantern in place.

Step Five:

Wait until the sun goes down, pour a glass of wine, ice tea or hot cocoa and enjoy the fruits of your labor! You just made your very own tin can patio string lights!



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