MLM Funded Proposal – Monetize Your Network Marketing Business to Create Positive Cash Flow

MLM Funded Proposal – Monetize Your Network Marketing Business to Create Positive Cash Flow


The network marketing industry is in for a big change. Especially in its success statistics.There is little doubt that the new attraction based network marketing strategies are the sole reason behind this phenomenal MLM success. In fact the MLM funded proposal has given the network marketing business a new lease of life

If you are not very clear about the network marketing funded proposal concept, I give you a small example to make you understand this concept better. Take an example of you having a MLM or network marketing home based business opportunity and to promote that you use paid marketing strategies like pay per click ads, ezine marketing etc. to produce leads for it.

It is understood that you have to factor in a decent advertising budget to be able to foot the advertising costs. Moreover you are also aware that on an average if you are able to create a traffic of about 100 visitors to your opportunity’s sales page it will be only 2-3 who will actually join it. On the other hand, you will be billed the cost of each and every click. And therefore the cost of the 97 visitors goes down the drain. So the big question is how do you achieve this without losing money from your pocket consistently.

Well,we must have some great offer in our sales portfolio that interests the majority of the target audience that comes to our site. All you need to do is to set up a funded proposal to your network marketing opportunity. In other words, add some very low cost yet very useful products/ services to your portfolio, that each of your target audience needs. That implies that even if the prospect is not ready to join your network marketing business at the moment, he could at least go for the low cost, immensely valuable product,since he needs it to promote his existing network marketing business.

Let’s assume your target audience is internet network marketers. To be able to attract them in your sales funnel, include some extremely beneficial resource or product that is of immense value to them irrespective of the network marketing opportunity they are promoting. This could be in the form of an ebook, a e-course, software or membership to an internet marketing training resource.

Not only does it serve as an excellent resource to monetize your network marketing opportunity’s advertising costs, it also helps your lead or prospect to learn, how to promote his existing business effectively and make money really fast,using that optimised value offer, reducing the hit and trial self learning curve from several years to a few weeks or at the most some months.



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