Making Your First Visit to Cape Town Fun

Making Your First Visit to Cape Town Fun


I am convinced that Cape Town is a beautiful modern city with all the amenities that you would expect in an international city. Cape Town is on the southwest coast of South Africa. The imposing Table Mountain with its cable-cars lies opposite the port. Take a boat to Robben Island in Table Bay where the notorious prison that once held Nelson Mandela is now a the District Six Museum.

You will find the city is rich cultural events and many top attractions. Plan your travel well so that you can simply enjoy the journey. Here are a few tips for making your visit to Cape Town fun.

1. Fantastic Accommodation and Food

There are many excellent accommodation places of varying standards. There are several is a 5-star hotels on the waterfront near the centre of Cape Town, like the Commodore Hotel, the Cape Grace Hotel and the Westin Grand. Go to Jardines or Bizerko Bistro for fine dining.

2. Local Prices and customs.

The rand is the unit of currency. There are 100 cents in a rand. You could expect to buy most items at slightly lower prices, like bottled water at R10, meals for between R50 and R100 per person. There are many fast food options at lower prices. Movie tickets usually cost R30 to R40. You need to carry cash with you to tip. A minimum tip of 10% is usually given to hotel staff, taxi drivers, and restaurant staff. Avoid R200 notes as there are many circulating fakes.

3. Weather

Sometimes, the Cape Town summer weather is harsh, particularly when outdoors. Pack your favourite sun-lotion, hat and glasses for protection, when sight-seeing during the middle hours of the day. Pack light cotton clothes for comfort in summer with a light coat. If traveling in winter, research the temperatures of where you are staying. The highlands are quite cool.

If the weather turns nasty go to V&A Waterfront for some respite. Other wet weather activities include the Gold museum, the Jewish museum, the Slave House,the brilliant Heart of Cape Town heart transplant museum or the wonderful Science Centre at Canal Walk.

4. Protection of your valuable items

Take care to protect your money, and other valuable items. Keep them from general view when they are not in use. Store your cash in several places so that if you are unfortunate to experience theft, you will still have cash with you.

Keep your travel documents safe and always keep copy in your luggage or have access to an electronic copy in the “cloud”. A strong shoulder bag or a concealed wallet will cut the risk of theft.

Do not walk around at night on your own and keep food out of your clothing so as not to tempt the monkeys.

5. Protection of our health

Consult your family doctor about the need for any pre-travel vaccinations. Take your itinerary to help the doctor make the best decisions for you. Traditionally, malaria has been one of the challenges in South Africa. There are several approaches and your doctor will be able to select the most suitable one.

6. Travel Insurance

South Africa have medical services are available at private hospitals in most major cities, like Cape Town. However, it is strongly advised by most governments that travel insurance is an important investment to cover potential incidents in foreign countries.

Plan your travel to Cape Town and cut your risk of disappointment. See your travel consultant and work with him or her and then enjoy the



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