Learn How to Increase Reading Speed With These Tips

Learn How to Increase Reading Speed With These Tips


When individuals want to know how to increase reading speed most will do a search to find the answers. The ability to speed read is made up of several different skills that used in combination with one another can double and even sometimes triple your current reading speed. This article will provide some simple tips that can help you increase your reading speed right now and then provide a link to additional information on speed reading.

When you learn this skill reading will become more interesting and will allow you more free time to spend with family, get more work done or study more. Furthermore, studies have shown the faster you read the better the brain will retain what you read. This is true because the brain operates quickly in picking up new material and if someone reads slow the brain does not function well when it has to slow down to match reading speed. Therefore retention and comprehension are decreased.

There are some things you can do today to increase your reading speed. The first thing you can do is to use a guide to cover up the previous lines of text as this will avoid your eyes from skipping back and re-reading text. The next tip is to increase your fixation zone. A fixation zone is the amount of words in your vision at one time. One of the main reasons why people read slow is a propensity to read word for word instead of reading groups of words at a time.

With any skill you are learning practicing is the best way to learn and refine that skill. When you are trying to get faster it is important that you read each and everyday and push yourself to increase your reading speed and the best way to learn how to speed read is by taking a course.



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