Lanterns for Sale: Add Beauty and Warmth to Outdoor Spaces With These Hanging Lights

Lanterns for Sale: Add Beauty and Warmth to Outdoor Spaces With These Hanging Lights


Lanterns, when used as outdoor lighting, can add a warm feel or give spaces party-like vibe. These fixtures come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be used in creative ways. Here is how to decorate your exterior with the lanterns you pick off a sale.

Line a pathway

The pathway or driveway are prominent outdoor areas that need lighting. Typically, the illumination is done with the help of wall mount or post lamps. However, lanterns can brighten up this space as beautifully as the other kinds of lights and in fact, add an ethereal touch with their warm glow. Pick sturdy lanterns on sale to line cobbled pathways by hanging them from posts. You could also hang lanterns from porch railings if they exist, or simply place the lights on the ground.

Set up a romantic outdoor dining area

Candelabras and tealight candles can get their well-deserved break when the lantern makes its entry into the outdoor dining space. To implement this out of the box idea, pick rustic hurricane lanterns available on sale and use them to illuminate an outdoor dining table. Not only does it set the mood for romantic evening, but can also be used to get conversations started with your guests when you host a party.

Build up the ambience around an outdoor pool

A water feature outside your home like a pool, jacuzzi, or a pond is another space that can be decorated with lantern lights. Use these fixtures around the perimeter of the water body to add a soothing, relaxing touch to an evening swim or stroll. If you find managing real candles messy, use battery or electric powered ones.

Add a glow to gardens

Gardens are great place to relax in during after-hours, but wiring up the entire area can be troublesome and costly. Instead, use lanterns to add dim yet functional lights all around. Hang them from tall trees or sturdy vines, or simply place them around the lawn for a welcoming appeal. Solar lanterns are a great choice for such needs as they save energy and also don’t need the hassling wiring to be done.

Lend coziness to a porch

The porch is a great place to hang out with friends and neighbors. It’s also a good space to catch some quality ‘me’ time reading a book or listening to your favorite songs. When you use a single bulb or fixture overhead, it takes away the coziness of the space. On the contrary, using a row of hanging lanterns adds soft and subtle lighting, transforming the place into one that you’ll love to spend time in.

Highlight a staircase

Most outdoor staircases use wall mounts or posts for lighting. However, lanterns can be equally functional and look just as stunning when placed on every step or two. If you have children at home, or are worried about fire hazards, use solar or batter powered lights.

So, head to the nearest lantern sale, pick your favorite ones and transform the outdoor of your home like no other.



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