Know the Right Profile For An MBA From A Business School

Know the Right Profile For An MBA From A Business School


Even a few years back Kolkata was called a dying city because there were not many opportunities to pursue. Times however have changed now and the city has recently witnessed the growth of many fantastic MBA institutes which offer students gala placements. So if you are a student in Kolkata who is keen to study MBA in a top Kolkata B school then you are on the right track. First and foremost you need to decide if you are the right profile to be admitted in a good business school?

So how does a student from Kolkata keen to get admitted to a top B school decide if he is suited to it? First you should know about the average profile of your seniors. This will actually tell you where you stand. The written exam scores are important. But if you have low scores, you should not feel disheartened. The scores are important, but they are not the sole deciding factors.

However if you have a good CAT, you can easily get admitted to any of the schools you want. In case the scores are not satisfactory, work experience of 5 years will be an added advantage. If you can speak more than 2 languages, you have a fair chance to get admitted. It has been noticed that there are many students who are pretty comfortable in speaking almost 3 languages. There are some schools which values different experiences. They prefer diversity in academic backgrounds which means they are willing to admit people other than management or economics background.

A diverse class can always work in your favor. You will have something to learn from everyone. If all the students have same profiles, the class would be boring and there would be nothing to share except probably the class notes. Think of the ways in which you can contribute in the forming class. There is no age limit to when you can pursue a MBA degree. The more important factor is your objective, and what you have planned for your future. Think of your career goals and objectives. Do you think it would be better if you have pursued a PhD degree rather than a MBA degree?

You should understand that in most Kolkata business schools, the average age of getting admission is from 23-25. There are several MBA students who possess a master’s degree in any of the disciplines before they join the MBA program; however it is undecided if the master’s degree gives them an edge in the admission process. Nonetheless it cannot be denied that most of the schools now prefer a work experience of 3 to 4 years. You will never be able to contribute much in a MBA class in any of the schools, if you have not spent enough time in a real-world corporate sector. Your experience will count and you need something to contribute in the class. Professors appreciate the fact that you can analyze a situation based on your experiences in the real world.

If you keep on thinking that you are tool old to pursue a MBA degree, you can always go for an executive development program or an intensive specialized program in the field you want. The selection criteria will be different and there will be a drastic change in the profile. With a part-time MBA program you will have some added advantages. You can continue to do your work, while you do some value addition to your resume. At the end of the course, you will find that you are better equipped to handle any real life problem that may crop up!

To sum up keep in mind the MBA exam is a fast track way to add a cutting edge to your career. So it is imperative that you should get it. Be confident and hone your positive aspects while you go to get that coveted MBA degree.



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