Is Vinnitsa National Medical University Is Good for Mbbs?

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Is Vinnitsa National Medical University Is Good for Mbbs?


Vinnitsa National medical university was established in 1921. For MBBS in Ukraine, Vinnitsa National medical university is a government co-education medical university. The university is located in the beautiful city of Vinnytsia. The university is recognized by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Medical Council of India (MCI) and World Health Organisation (WHO). This means after completing degree from VNMU Indian students can go for FMGE or MCI screening test.

By 1969, there were 2,235 students studying at the two faculties of the VNMU, medical and pediatric. In 1994, the faculty of Dentistry was established at VNMU and the Vinnitsa medical institute was awarded with the highest level of accreditation, as a University on level IV, by the cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Vinnitsa State Pirogov Memorial Medical University was the new name given to the institute. By the year 2000, the faculty of Pharmacy was introduced at the university. In the year 2002, Vinnitsa State Pirogov Memorial Medical University was awarded National university status by the President of Ukraine L.D. Kuchma of that time.

The areas of specialities which the university had at that time were “General Medicine“, “Pediatrics“, “Dentistry“, “Pharmacy“, “Clinical Pharmacy“, “Medical Psychology.”

The Major focus of the University is over various scientific researches for the betterment of medicine and technology. The focus is being put on the following areas by the university which includes:-

– Treatment, Diagnosis, and prevention of chronic diseases.

– Rehabilitation of disabled persons

– Studying psychological state of human.

– Development of new devices and drugs for medical treatment.

– Study of Physiological and anthropological characteristics in human.

– Trying to find out and understand the origin of various diseases for prevention.

At VNMU, the study buildings and learning centers have been constructed in more than 41000 Sq. Meters of area and the total area allocated to the university is about 81000 Sq. Meters. All the latest equipments have been installed in the lecture halls and classrooms of the university. There are more than 5.5 lakhs journals in the library of the university. The university also has laboratories, testing clinics, research facility and a computer park with around 780 personal computers which are used for training and scientific processes.

On an average, 3000 students can be accommodated at the university hostels. There are 5 such hostels. Restaurants and canteens are available for students to use. Students can take care of their health and fitness through the 2 sports and health complexes which are made available for them.

Vinnitsa national medical university staff is 1646. Out of which 812 persons form teaching staff of the teaching staff of the university. Every year there is a growth in the number of international students taking admission to VNMU and this shows University’s high levels of teaching standards and its success which is reaching among students.

The academic staff of the university is of very high level with highest academic degrees and standards. There are almost 126 doctors of sciences and 677 candidates of sciences which teach the students at the university. Out of them there are 25 honored scientists and technicians of Ukraine, honored workers of higher education and education of Ukraine, 12 honored doctors of Ukraine, 5 winners of the state prize of Ukraine and 3 academicians of the academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

At VNMU, there are 6 faculties of medicine and there are 55 departments. Out of them, 39 are clinical departments and 16 are theoretical courses.

University has formed centre of information technology with computer classrooms, TV studio, printing house, internet unit etc. There is a modern scientific research centre which consists of 7 well equipped research laboratories.

The university provides education in English medium. The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv and the VNMU university is about 260 kms away from Kyiv. Transportation from Kiev to Vinnitsa is easy as Vinnitsa is well connected with the other cities. Students will be taught local language so that their stay becomes easy while studying in Ukraine.

VNMU education standards are very high and it follows very strict rules.

At VNMU, the tuition fees are very less, which is around 2.85 lack per year. The cost of living is also very low in the city of Vinnytsia. University’s hostel and food facilities are very good.

Ukraine also provides insurance policies to everyone in the Ukraine. At VNMU, there are medical centers which provide medical assistance. International students get their medical aid from the university as per the rules of the university.

The medical insurance will be valid only for one year. After one year, students need to renew it. One can go to the professors of the university for medication, if they get too much sick.

The University has trained almost 50,000 doctors up till now across the globe.

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