Indoor Tanning Lotion Options

Indoor Tanning Lotion Options


As opposed to sunscreen, indoor tanning lotion works by increasing the effects of ultraviolet rays rather than blocking them. Indoor tanning lotions do not contain sunscreen and will not keep you protected from the sun so don’t use this instead of sunscreen if you are going to be outdoors.

The main benefit of indoor tanning lotions is to assist in moisturizing the skin. If you use tanning beds often, you will find that your skin will dry out from the UV rays. Having an indoor tanning lotion that helps moisturize your skin can help to prevent the dryness. It will also provide your skin with the nutrients required to protect itself from the elements around you.

Studies have shown that moist skin tends to tan better than dry skin so a good tanning lotion will help improve the performance of your tanning sessions and could result in a cost savings to you as you will need less tanning sessions.

Indoor tanning lotion ingredients will differ from brand to brand, but you will find common ingredients between lotions including things such as melanin, tyrosine, copper, green tea extract and many other oils that are natural. A typical bottle will usually run 7 to 8 ounces in size. You can assume that you will use roughly one ounce of lotion per tanning session so a bottle should be good for roughly eight sessions.

One thing to consider is whether you want to use a tanning lotion that smells or not. When you are inside tanning beds, it is a closed area so the aroma of the lotion is going to be trapped inside with you. It is a good idea to smell the lotion before you buy it to determine if it something you will be able to deal with for 15 or 20 minutes in a confined space.

If you are going to be tanning inside and in a tanning bed, it is critical that you use indoor tanning lotions. Outdoor tanning lotions contain ingredients that will ruin the surface of the acrylic linings inside a tanning bed.

Just like other products in the marketplace, not all tanning lotions are the same. Also, not all lotions are for all parts of the body. Some lotions may cause a reddening of the skin that will last for several hours depending on your skin and where how many tanning sessions you have already had.

Some lotions for example will be specifically just for your face. Others are made just for your legs. A few lotions may serve as a cooling agent that will make the tanning experience soothing to your skin when you are laying under the hot lights. Be sure to examine the label carefully before buying any tanning lotion product to be used in a tanning salon.

For those people that have gone to multiple sessions, the saying “you get what you pay for” applies. If you want a really superb tan, stay away from cheap products. Also be sure to use a moisturizing lotion after tanning so your skin gets replenished and it will help to maintain your tan longer.

If you are tanning for the first time at a tanning salon, be aware that as little as five minutes can have an impact on your skin if you have never been in a tanning bed or booth before. If you opt for a stand-up booth, keep in mind they are typically stronger than tanning beds. It is very important to wear eye protection wherever you are tanning so your eyes are not damaged by the UV rays. It is best to purchase your own and bring them with you. Sharing eye protection could potentially lead to skin problems for you.

The benefit of using tanning beds compared to tanning outdoors is it is a much safer dose of ultraviolet light. When you are outside, because of the weather, or the time of the day, you have no control over the ultraviolet light that your body is receiving. So if you are going to tan, make sure you choose your environment and lotion wisely.



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