How to Learn Computer Fast

How to Learn Computer Fast


Computer has become very important in our life in this world of science and technology. It is not only beneficial for computer professionals but home users also use it for various purposes. So people should know computer basics to utilize it efficiently and effectively. Students, educated persons and even aged ones should learn computer fast because it can help them in a variety of ways.

It has become so common that every one even kids know basics of the computer. They know the physical parts i.e. the name of hardware devices of the computer. It is easy to learn names of these parts if they don’t know in advance. If individuals have prior knowledge of computer basics then they can learn computer fast. Although it was not much common in old age but now aged ones are also familiar with it because they see their sons are working on it very comfortably.

In order to learn computer fast an individual should plan properly and lecture division should be done carefully. There are some steps that one should follow to learn computer fast. He or she should divide the learning process in different phases. All the phases are described below in detail:

In first day or in first phase one should know the basic parts of computer such as Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, CPU, Camera, Microphone, Floppy drives, Compact and Hard disc drives.

In the second day the learner should know about operating systems, icons, desktop, cut, copy, paste and some other basic functions to learn computer fast.

In third day one should try to learn the usage of some necessary software such as WinZip, Microsoft Paint, Notepad, DOS and Word Processors etc.

After the first three phases one has got some idea about computer basics so he or she should try to learn some advance things such as bold, italics, formatting of text, spelling checking, FrontPage and HTML pages.

In fifth phase one should learn about spreadsheets, tables, constants, loops, compilers, languages and some theoretical knowledge of programming. After learning these computer basics one should know about the printer, scanners and print cartridges etc. They should know how to feed paper and get print from Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel and other computer programs.

In the last phase one should know how to make dial-up connection, how to browse Internet, what is ISP and some concepts of LAN and WAN.

Knowledge of all the above things can help you to learn computer fast and have strong computer basics. Once you have got basic computer knowledge then with the passage of time and usage of computer you will learn great knowledge. One can change speed of learning computer according to his or her pace because it depends a lot on an individuals’ ability to learn. One can learn computer basics through many resources including Internet, CDs and DVDs.



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