How to Check If My MBA Program Is Recognized by the Singapore Government

How to Check If My MBA Program Is Recognized by the Singapore Government


Over the past decades, Singapore has continued to attract high quality international students seeking to do their MBA program in Singapore. Singapore is well equipped in terms of technology, communication, and transport which are some of many reasons why Singapore universities have been able to attract students from worldwide. Most of the universities in Singapore offer accredited MBA program which is recognized internationally.

Singapore Management University was also recognized at the Singapore education awards as it drew a good number of students from the overseas. Singapore which has been recognized as one of the fastest growing economical hubs of the global world is preferred by students when it comes to choosing some of the best master programs in Singapore.

One of the simplest ways to determine if your MBA program is recognized by the Singapore government is to look and research into the Singapore Public Service Division PSC website at your university needs to be accredited by the respective home accreditation agencies to be granted reciprocal recognition in Singapore.

There are also several other forums that can give you a clearer idea and mandatory details about the various universities in Singapore including INSEAD, Aventis School of Management and Singapore Management University. Aventis School of Management is a part of executive MBA council which also includes several well known and renowned business schools. Around 250 business schools are a part of this executive MBA council. They are also members of ECBE which is one of the leading accreditation bodies located in Europe. Aventis School of management is also an accredited centre of chartered institute of marketing which is located in the United Kingdom. Aventis collaborates with top US Universities including Arcadia University and City University of New York to offer a suite of MBA and Specialised Master degree.

Singapore Management University offers management learning that produces corporate leaders and entrepreneurs who can cater to the needs and rising demands of the corporate world. Not just the work environment but also culture and family like atmosphere are what students at the Singapore University get apart from just simple and plain learning. A high and advanced level of professionalism is what draws employers to this university thereby making this university one of their preferred choices.

INSEAD, one of Europe’s top business school also offers a 1 year full time MBA and Executive MBA Programs in Singapore. Structured over a short duration of 10 to 12 months, these programs are internationally recognized by government agencies and MNCs internationally.

Most of the master programs in Singapore are recognized by the Singapore government and promise excellent quality for a healthy, friendly, and warm work environment. If you are looking for a promising international career, MBA programs in Singapore can be one of the good options to be considered in the overall global market of educational programs. Alumni sections of the websites of many universities in Singapore also tell you a lot about the recognition of the MBA program. If you have been waiting for the career opportunities to be knocking at your doors, a friendly learning environment in Singapore can make a difference by helping you get good compensation packages and overall professional development.

Universities in Singapore like Aventis School of management, INSEAD and Singapore Management University are well recognized. They are believed to cater successfully to the needs of the growing demands for a corporate preparation long before you are actually into the job.

Aventis School of Management is a leading Graduate Business School in Singapore which is an affiliated member of the EFMD and ECBE providing Executive Master Programs.



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