Frequent SEO Mistakes

Frequent SEO Mistakes


1. Insufficient keywords in the web content

Sometimes the potential keywords are only squeezed into the URLs or the links of the website. They are not, however, placed in the web content. It is important that the keywords are placed in the web content as well. These keywords should in fact be highlighted by making them bold.

2. Using incorrect keywords

Sometimes the professionals make the mistake of using the keywords that they think are correct for a particular website. In order to overcome such a problem it is important that one monitors the search volume of the keywords regularly. This way they will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of a keyword and change it on a timely basis. One thing that the business and the seo service companies should never forget is that can make or break a particular seo campaign.

3. Backlink spamming

One should be careful when providing backlinks to their websites. The key to success lies not in providing a number of backlinks for a respective website, but providing a number of quality backlinks for a particular website.

4. Title tag

Of the many strategic places where the keywords should be placed, the title tag is the most important one. Placing the keywords in the title tag will help in optimizing the text for the web page.

5. Underestimating the URLs

Sometimes individuals ignore or overlook the importance of the URLs. Although it is possible to improve the rankings of a webpage without using the keyword in its URL, the usage of the keyword in the URL will ensure improvised rankings; plus it will provide an advantage over competitors by associating the keywords in the minds of the customers with the business entity name.

6. No HTML website

While the flash-based websites do offer a dynamic interface for the individuals, they are not liked much by the search engines. Thus, when designing one in flash, it is important to design an alternative HTML website as a web spider cannot recognize the flash content.

7. Images for headings

Do not replace the headings with the images, just to make them appear more eye-catching. The headings and menus are a vital part of the seo items.

8. Java script menus navigation

Just like flash-based content, the web spiders cannot index the JavaScript content as well. If it is absolutely necessary to use these menus one should make sure to build a sitemap for their website.

9. Meta tags

Meta tags alone cannot achieve better results for any website no matter how well created they are.



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