Ed Hardy Remote Control Toys – Hot Christmas Gifts For 2009

Ed Hardy Remote Control Toys – Hot Christmas Gifts For 2009


Don “Ed” Hardy may be one of the fastest growing lines of uniquely designed clothing in existence today.  In just a few short years, the Ed Hardy clothing line is being sold in shops all over the globe. Fashion savvy consumers simply cannot get enough of the unique merchandise.  Men, women and teens are willing to shell out big bucks for shirts, skirts, pants, hoodies, hats – all blazoned with the unique tattoo art that has made the previously unknown artist a household name in many areas of the world.

In fall of 2008, a line of Ed Hardy toys were introduced to the buying public.  Remote control cars, planes and even helicopters are the main products within the product line.  Fashion is cool, but toys are more fun!

The flagship toy, and the one of the first to be introduced, is  The Viper, a remote control boat that is sleek and sexy as it is fast. The Viper measures in at a full 28 inches and can reach speeds of 15-20 mph.  It is powered by two motor spinning propellers and includes a Sub C NiCd battery pack for about 15 minutes of uninterrupted enjoyment when fully charged.  The Viper can be used in a swimming pool, a pond, or even a calm lake.

The Flying Dutchman RC Pirate ship is another fun product that will give hours of enjoyment to young and old alike.  The ship comes equipped with a working six pound cannon with lights and sound that can be controlled by a button located on the hand held transmitter.

RC helicopters are a staple in the Ed Hardy line of toys.  A number of models are now available, including the UFO RTF Mini helicopter.  With its dual counter-rotating blades for added stability, this mini helicopter has onboard lighting for dark room and night time flying.  It also is equipped with three remote channel frequencies so that multiple helicopters can be flown at the same time.

For the automobile enthusiast, the Ed Hardy Lambourghini is one hot car.  The Lamborgini Mercielago Roadster remote control car comes with do-it-yourself Ed Hardy stickers to customize it exactly as you wish. Everything is included in this remote control toy – Working headlights, tail lights, and custom rims make the car even more fun to drive.

Ed Hardy toys are just beginning to catch on with remote control toy enthusiasts.  Because of their late roll out in 2008, many Christmas shoppers were unaware of the availability of the product line.  Christmas 2009 will be another story however.  Do your shopping early in 2009 so you don’t miss out on picking up some of the hottest toys on the market.



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