Does Jon Benson’s Every Other Day Diet Work?

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Does Jon Benson’s Every Other Day Diet Work?


When I first stumbled upon Jon Benson & Janis Hauser’s eBook “The Every Other Day Diet” (also know as EODD), I’ll admit to you that I was both intrigued and a little skeptical.


Let’s just say that “The Every Other Day Diet” is a little unconventional. It’s methods seem unrealistic at first glance-a little “too good to be true” if you will. That was my first impression anyways…

Unlike most diets that rely on heavy caloric restrictions to burn fat, this program actually encourages you to eat what you want every other day! Sounds good if it actually works right?

The real question is could a diet like this actually help you lose weight and keep it off? In all honesty I wouldn’t have thought so myself, but I had to give the co-author Jon Benson the benefit of the doubt since he is a well respected fitness expert who has published numerous diet and fitness related books over the last few years.

Anyways, I had come to the decision that the program warranted further examination, and bought myself a copy so I could share a review with my readers…

What Exactly Is The “EODD”?

I’ve got my own explanation of “The Every Other Day Diet” below, but before you read that you may want to hear Jon Benson himself explain how this program works and why it is different than most others out there.

Why should we listed to Jon? Well the guy does practice what he preaches. He was able to lose 70 Lbs. using the same principles that he based The EODD around.

Once I started to understand the simple science behind the EODD, things began to make more sense. The program is designed to restrict calories and burn body fat without compromising your body’s ability to burn calories. In the eBook they call it “interval eating” & “planned variance”, fancy words for caloric cycling.

What is caloric cycling?

Simply put, it a way of manipulating caloric intake and tricking your body into thinking that calories are not being restricted, when they actually are.

So why does your body need to be tricked into thinking that there is no caloric deficit? Well, your body begins to slow it’s metabolic rate making it harder and harder to lose weight. Unfortunately this is a survival mechanism that has been around since we were cave people!

The EODD uses caloric cycling to maximize your metabolic rate, which makes perfect sense.

The Structure of the EODD Diet

The “Every Other Day Diet” is broken down into what they call “burn days” and “feed days”. During the burn days, you eat only 30-50% of your maintenance caloric intake. During the feed days, you consume up to 150% of your maintenance caloric intake. You are allowed to eat the foods that you like on these days as long as the portions are controlled.

And that brings me to what Jon calls the HOME method (Hands on Method of Food Eating) to figure out how much food you should consume.

Simply put, portions of food coincide with different parts of your hands making it fairly simple to measure your portion sizes.

Can I Eat Any Foods I Want?

Well, yes and no. Let me explain…

There are three different variations of the EODD that you can choose from:

  1. Primer – This is the most flexible of the three programs, and does allow you to essentially eat whatever you want every other day.
  2. Lifestyle – The maintenance program, recommended after the initial primer phase. There are only two “feed days” here, meaning that you can only eat whatever you want for these two days.
  3. Extreme – The most strict of the three plans, meant for athletes and bodybuilders.

The “primer” is the only program that you can eat whatever you want every other day. Jon recommends that you begin with this program, and progress to the “lifestyle” program which only allows two weekly days where you can eat any types of food.

In the end I think that the Every Other Day Diet is certainly worth a try if you are looking for a simple program that will help you lose weight while still enjoying some of the foods you love.

Simply put, if traditional diets have not worked for you, then The Every Other Day Diet may be the approach that you need to take.

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