Designer Lighting

Designer Lighting


Lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the beauty, creativity, and functionality of any space. An overall need for correct illumination cannot be underestimated as it sets the tone of the room. Architects have used lighting effects for buildings that could harmonize with their designs and highlight structural innovations in a spectacular manner.

It is advisable to consider what types of activities would be held at that place while using designer lighting for a particular area. Individuals first need to consider whether a room is going to be used for work, reading, casual entertainment, eating, or movie watching and listening music, to decide upon lighting arrangement.

There are three types of lighting, such as background, task, and decorative. Each one serves a definite and essential purpose. Background illumination is supposed to compensate for natural light in daytime. At night, this light needs to be dispersed evenly in a room. Task lighting throws powerful and focused light on an area. Decorative lighting is stylish and a bright light is thrown on an object for highlighting it. It can be used to lay emphasis on a painting, or an architectural component, an item of furniture, or a sculpture. Pendant lighting is the latest form of kitchen decoration used today. This is done by taking a simple set of three pendants. A fresh visual experience may be created by suspending these three pendants at different heights.

Some aspects of creative lighting include focusing a dim light across fences and walls, highlighting water features with a specific group of lights or illuminating trees when lights are positioned below and behind them. Carefully chosen colored lights such as mellow shades of yellow or red may add warmth to the area. Leaves can be made to appear greener by placing a green light beneath the foliage. A Nordic atmosphere can be created with white or blue light. It is recommended not to use a blend of too many colors, as it can give a gaudy appearance.



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