Depiction About Automation Systems

Depiction About Automation Systems


Automation system is the use of control system and information technologies to reduce the need for human work in the production of goods and services. Pad printing, laser printing, home automation etc. are automation systems.

Pad printing process is mainly using for move a 2D image on to a 3D object. It is an indirect offset printing process, where an image is transferred via a soft silicone pad onto the surface (substrate)to be printed. In this process, the tailored text and graphics(created on PC) can be easily transferred to a machine or silkscreen. There are two common methods used in inking the plates-the open inkwell system and the sealed ink cup or closed cup system.

Pad printing is very cost effective and Color options is very limitless. It is very long-lasting. The main advantage is when compared with other similar printing methods is the unique possibility of printing many types of irregular shaped surfaces, while other printing methods are often times limited to flat or round surfaces only (such as screen printing). It is one of the fastest, most versatile printing processes. It is printing fine high quality detailed images on irregular surfaces.

In pad printing, materials handled include plastic, metal, glass & wood, ceramic, silicones etc..

Pad printing is used for printing on otherwise impossible products in many industries including medical, automotive, promotional, apparel, electronics, appliances, sports equipment, toys etc..

Today, pad printing is a well established technology covering a wide spectrum of industries and applications because of its capability to print on all kind of surfaces.

American Laser Mark, Inc. specializes in combining the best computer graphics and design tools with the latest laser technology in order to bring a precision quality mark on product, this unique marking technology is called Laser marking. Engraving on materials with the use of laser beams is termed as laser marking. This facilitates us to mark a wide range of products and surfaces with modified designs.

The machine contains mainly 3 parts, laser, controller & surface, In this laser beam allows the controller to sketch the designs on to the surface and controller directs the direction, intensity, velocity and the width of the laser beams which is intended on an object.

It is extremely legible and eternal, discourage tampering, and are able to resist harsh environmental conditions. It gives high quality mark, high marking speed, flexible data management, ease of use etc.. It is most durable form of marking and also allows for very clean line of art and small details. It tends to be slightly more expensive than other methods.

These equipment or machine is used in a dynamic, highly adaptable process for high-speed character, medical tools,sporting goods, industrial tools, logo, graphic, bar code and 2D Data Matrix marking etc..

All automation systems like pad printing, laser marking play an important role in the world saving and in daily practice.



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