Complete On-Page Optimization Tips – Search Engine Optimization

Complete On-Page Optimization Tips – Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization is an important attribute for website and blog owners. Getting a best rank in search engines is not an easy task and its take some time dedication and work dedication. All are not able to get the top 10 positions in search engines exclude the one who did proper On-page and off-page optimization.

Here I am going to explain the On-page optimization part where you get some idea on how to craft it properly. It is one of the very first steps in seo where every people look in to it.

The following are the list of things to consider in On-page optimization;

1, Keyword Research and Analysis

2, Title tag Optimization

3, Meta tag Optimization

4, URL Structure

5, Page Content

6, Important HTML tags

7, Anchor Text Optimization

8, Image Optimization

9, H Card Integration

10, Robots.txt Optimization

11, XML Site map Creation and Submission

Where I am going to explain the first three things and the rest in next article

Keyword Research and Analysis

Identifying the best and proper keywords for your business (website/blog) is the first and foremost integral part of On-page optimization and it accounts for the overall success of search engine marketing.

If you are running a “Gift Shop” then your website obviously speaks about your Gift Shop, location, products, services and more. Then what you have to do is that identifying the search term related to your niche. There are many keyword tools available online to find your keywords but I trust Google Keyword Tool just search your target keywords and it helps you to give more suggestions and search volume for each keywords you are choosing.

Title Tag Optimization

Once you identified your targeted keywords by keeping targeted audience in mind then you need to optimize those keywords in titles of each page. A title tag should be short and at the same time it is readable by search engines and visitors. Make sure your title tag is unique and it is not as the same as your competitors.

Things to consider:

The Title tag length should be in 70 characters and more than that, the search engines will show an ellipsis (…) to indicate that the excess characters in the title tag could not be added.

Placing your targeted keywords in the title tag is the most important thing as search engines first give priority to title tags.

It is advisable and must to place the keywords in Headings and body of the content. It is explained in the next part.

Meta Tag Optimization

Most people consider Meta description is not as important as though but you can’t ignore it easily because it explains the whole of your website. When people searched your keyword and if your website appears then this small piece of text will act as a selling snippet.

The Meta description should be in 250 characters and it must contain your keywords. Make sure it is readable and don’t confuse your visitors and search engines.

The Meta Keywords is the place where you can list all the keywords in which the page contains.



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