Chiropractic Care Explained

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Chiropractic Care Explained


Turn on your TV any time of day or night, and you will be bombarded with ads for new drug treatments. From chronic depresssion to acid reflux, drug companies urge you to improve your health by increasing your medication. Is it possible to maintain optimal health in a natural way? Without resorting to drugs that may have serious side effects?

Chiropractors have long known about the body’s amazing capacity to promote its own inner healing. The practice of chiropractic dates back to 1895 and has traditionally worked in partnership with primary health care. Today, chiropractic is increasingly recognized among the greater health care profession as a key component of patient wellness. As one popular New York City chiropractor put it, “Ten years ago if you practiced chiropractic manipulation…you couldn’t get published and were never invited to meetings. Now I can’t keep up with the invitations.”

Who Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care?

New York City, one “hot spot” for chiropractic care, has attracted many expert practitioners. New York is, in a sense, reflective of developments in the practice throughout North America. When a number of NYC chiropractors were surveyed about their patients’ experiences, they offered some interesting observations about the broad range of people who can benefit from their services:

Newborns: Chiropractors often spot birth-related anomalies that pediatricians fail to detect. Some defects are best corrected soon after birth to increase the infant’s chances of growing normally.

Children: As kids grow, the likelihood of developmental problems increases. The causes are often related to trauma experienced during the many activities that children participate in. Detecting and correcting such problems immediately can prevent the onset of serious conditions later in life.

Active Adults: Adults involved in activities requiring stamina, endurance, and balance can improve their performace and protect their overall health by involving a chiropractor in their health and fitness plan. Additionally, as many of the polled NYC chiropractors noted, they can prevent debilitating spinal-related issues. Chiropractors can identify misalignment problems before they result in permanent injuries and chronic pain.

Pregnant Mothers: Expert chiropractors can help expectant mothers with matters ranging from adjusting to a changed center of gravity to planning a natural, safe delivery.

The Elderly: We know more than ever now before about prolonging and enriching life through natural means. Chiropractors have long been at the forefront of promoting natural wellness and abundant quality of life at all ages.

The Functions of Chiropractic Care

Most people wonder about what chiropractic care actually does for the body. So what did that panel of NYC chiropractors have to say about the functions of chiropractic?

Simply put, chiropractors focus on the physiological relationship between the spine and the other bodily systems. One of the first parts of the human anatomy to develop is the spine. Not only does the spine support the entire body, but the human nervous system is protected by the spinal column. Any biomechanical or structural problem that occurs in the spine impacts other bodily functions.

Chiropractors might be viewed as the vigilant watchdogs of health care. Their sensitivity to the onset of spinal-related problems helps them to treat problems before they become aggravated and chronic. Chiropractors, without drugs or invasive techniques, manage to prevent debilitating illnesses in their patients.

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