Candida Supplements – Experiences With Candex, CandiGone, and CandiBactin

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Candida Supplements – Experiences With Candex, CandiGone, and CandiBactin


My friend is new to the idea of Candidiasis and candida supplements, but not new to the idea of anti yeast diet. After years of negative tests that might explain her symptoms, she started assuming that she had a lot of food sensitivities. She eliminated foods by trial and error over and expanse of 20 years or so. What is really interesting is that the diet she ended up with is a typical diet for Candida.

Anyhow, for now she is trying the Candex and she is going to try using Renew Life’s FiberSmart to see if that might help aching legs and weak muscles. He is thinking that maybe the aching legs and weak muscles have to do with leaky gut, assuming that the leaky gut problem would be worse when yeast are dying off.

What she wanted to ask is if I have tried Candex made by Pure Essence Labs or CandiGone from Renew Life. She would also like to know if I have tried CandiBactin and what results I have had.

I am on CandiGone and I did not have any side effects from this at all when I was on it by itself. However, in my case, it was not strong enough to get rid of it fast, so I am now on the Diflucan for a month and will switch back to it afterwards. I have been using CandibactinAR for a few months to eliminate citrobacter freundii. Last week, I sent another specimen to Great Smokies and the result is it affects quite good to the bacteria.

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