BlackBerry Pearl 9105: The Best Mobile Phone For Networking

BlackBerry Pearl 9105: The Best Mobile Phone For Networking


The BlackBerry Pearl 9105 is a user-friendly handset with exquisite design and a list of innovative features. Akin to all BlackBerry Pearl handsets, this mobile phone has slim form factor. It is lighter and has minimalist chrome lighting on both sides. The matt finish at the back adds to its appeal. There is a 2.6 inch wide display screen and the usage is enhanced with an optical track pad. The trackball in this handset has replaced that of its predecessor.

There is a 14 key keypad and not the usual QWERTY keypad which is hugely popular in smartphones. Users may type using the predictive text which offers superior performance in the Pearl 9015. The cell phone is also equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack and a charging port on the side. Although the handset looks petite it has the BlackBerry OS 5, hence it is power packed.

The other key features include 624 Mhz processor with 256 MB flash memory and media player for videos, pictures and music. The 3.2MP camera incorporates zoom, autofocus, flash and options for video recording. This premium phone includes features like voice activated dialing and the speakerphone. There is a micro-USB port which is used for both charging and synchronizing the mobile with the PC.

Texting friends, keeping self entertained on the go with music and other multimedia features make the Pearl a great option to buy. Besides, navigating through menus or scrolling around web pages is much easier with the handset. Users may add about 10 email addresses and find all messages like email, text and social media content in one place. Yes, keeping in touch with friends and managing professional mails is hassle free with this model. This handset targeted at corporate also wears an affordable price tag making it truly an owner’s pride.



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