Antique Lamps – The Art Of Collecting Vintage Lamps

Antique Lamps – The Art Of Collecting Vintage Lamps


Collecting antique lamps seems to be the latest rage among the valuable antique and vintage items collectors. Lighting fixtures have that something special that people are drawn to. They are not only highly functional but also extremely beautiful and can easily make your home elegant, sophisticated and very appealing to the eyes. So it’s no wonder that the vintage lamps have taken the world of the antique collectors by storm!

There are many types of antique lamps that you can start your collection with, including antique porcelain lamps, banker’s lamps, porch lamps, brass floor lamps, kerosene lights, Art Deco lamps, the sky is only the limit. Each of them have their special appeal and which you start your collection with will depend on the money you have available and the one you can find the easiest.

The antique porcelain lamps are either using oil or electricity for working. You can recognize them easily by their large globe on the bottom and the rather small one at the top. They have mostly floral designs on them and they are quite decorative in nature.

Torchiere lamps are another preferred type for collectors. They are rather modern and contemporary in nature, so if you want to build up your collection with really antique pieces, this might not be the best to buy right away. The type of illumination this lamp provides is general ambient and indirect, so you can easily illuminate the whole room in one go.

The banker’s lamp is something that most collectors are well aware of. Pretty much everyone will have at least one of these types in their collection as they are very popular. They are usually made of brass base with either a green or sometimes a blue lampshade. You can find this type reproduced nowadays quite easily so these days pretty much anyone has access to them without having to spend a small fortune to decorate their homes with them.



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