An Introduction to Blog Marketing

An Introduction to Blog Marketing


There is a good reason why business blogs are currently sweeping the business community. The powerful contemporary marketing tool is considered to be blogs marketing. Blogs are the now considered to be the most trusted media resource for helpful information. This is according to a survey done by Blogands of over 35,999 readers. The observations were compared over the other media resources such as television, newspaper, magazines and direct mail. It was found out after the survey that in the US alone, about 27% of the people read blogs on a regular basis.

Blogs marketing works by increasing visibility, buzz production and generation of a global message where individual clients of a company can respond to. Blogs marketing can also function as an excellent search engine optimization tool which is capable of dramatically improving the website rankings.

The combination of business blog marketing and traditional website is especially beneficial to new comers in the business community. Blogging can be one of the fastest methods of telling everyone about your business and disseminating the word rapidly about the things that you do.

Newbies in the business community should take into consideration having a blog and a website to ensure optimum exposure. The fastest approach is always a combination of using a website and a blog. In this way, you will be able to gain a much wider reach. The website and the blog will have different and separate functions. However, both will be able to reach different readers. Together, they will reinforce in order to magnify the



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