Alcohol And Sleeping Pills – A Deadly Mix

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Alcohol And Sleeping Pills – A Deadly Mix


Being arrested for a DWI can be a huge hassle for all people involved. Once you are arrested, you will then have to call an Austin DWI lawyer to come and help you with your case. Some people even take this a step further and take some sort of pills to go along with the alcohol. Sleeping pills for instance can cause some bad effects if they are combined with alcohol.

Alcohol usually acts as a depressant which slows your body down and makes you feel tired. Alcohol also tends to relax all of your muscles. Alcohol tends to amplify any snoring you might have and make it louder than it normally would be. Alcohol by itself can also cause what is called obstructive sleep Apnoea. Obstructive sleep Apnoea is when you are sleeping and there are parts of time where you are not breathing at all.

Sleeping pills, much like alcohol, act as a depressant. Sleeping pills are made to make your body feel relaxed and to make you feel drowsy enough to want to go to sleep. These sleeping pills are also made for you to be able to sleep at least 8 hours of rest. Some of the sleeping pills out there have been linked to the pill that is called the “date-rape” drug. This is a drug used to make victims fall asleep hard enough to not realize what is happening.

Mixing alcohol and sleeping pills can be a somewhat horrible mix. Because both of these pills are depressants, they can cause some serious side effects if they are taken at the same time. When they are taken together, they cause your body to relax more than it really should. This means that your breathing drastically is slowed down. This is bad because the less oxygen gets to your blood cells the more your blood pressure drops. Your blood pressure dropping can lead to a number of things that will be quite harmful for your body. If you stop breathing for long enough, it could put your body into a coma. The lack of air entering your body will eventually begin to affect the performance of your organs. If you are not taken care of immediately once your body is put into a coma, it is very likely that you will die due to lack of oxygen and a number of other things.

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