A Progressive Addiction, But Without Drugs, Is Just As Harmful

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A Progressive Addiction, But Without Drugs, Is Just As Harmful


Porn addiction is a type of sexual obsession where the main object of obsession is pornography. The euphoric feeling gained by porn addicts comes from substances that the brain releases into the bloodstream. What happens is that the human brain gets accustomed to these substances, so that it commands the body to search for sources of this high feeling. Masturbation sometimes follows the viewing. It is made worse by the fact that the men (they are usually men) are unable to have a normal relationship due to social problems, perhaps fear or lack of confidence.

This high feeling that this addiction gives is stimulated by sexually titillating objects. Porn addiction is not due to only one factor. Often, it develops over years. Most porn addicts either were exposed to pornography at an early age, or might have had a traumatic sexual experience in the past. Pornography addiction is, by its very nature, progressive. Addicts develop desensitization to the pornographic materials they are exposed to, meaning that they feel a constant need to see new materials. It becomes even more of a problem when it involves illegal sexual material or activities.

Although, at first, these people intend just to add excitement in their sexual activities, the progressive nature of this addiction is what makes it damaging. It causes changes in the way addicts regard people surrounding them. They can develop the view that women are merely sexual objects, and fail to show decency in what they do. Addicts argue that not all pornography addiction leads to disaster. Some still manage to live a productive life. However, this is only possible when one has lesser exposure to sexually stimulating materials.

Psychologists believe that there is a way out of this obsession to pornography. They say that referring to this obsession as “porn addiction” and calling those who experience this type of sexual obsession as “porn addicts” do not help these people. Instead of condemning them harshly on their illegal sexual activities, counselling would be better for them.

Self-hypnosis also provides a solution to get out of an addiction, pornography addiction in particular. This process makes use of one’s subconscious mind. The rationale behind this procedure is that once something becomes a routine, it is easier to do it. Avoiding exposure to sexually offensive materials may seem hard at first, but once it becomes a habit, it becomes easier. However, if the pornography addiction is due to some traumatic sexual experience in the past, consulting a professional would be helpful. What one has to keep in mind is that one can free oneself from porn addiction.

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